Massage exactly can replace bubble gun axis

by:SUNGPO     2020-08-30
A friend ask Lao wang: massage can instead of bubble gun axis muscle relaxation? This problem is really bad to answer, the reason is very simple, the different types of massage therapy products are have their own corresponding role. To say is muscle correction training, massage, bubble axis is gun irreplaceable; But if the muscles relax after training, massage can be instead of bubble gun axis to relieve muscle! Face the situation is different, interoperability between them are greatly different. With bubble shaft using the principle of bubble shaft relax: make your muscles and fascia form a sliding achieve fascia relaxing effect. This kind of change to the way of stretching is to make full use of the basic concept of suppress to improve subcutaneous tissue can flex resistance, thus alleviate muscle muscle tissue and allow activation of antagonism. Relax massage guns principle: using high frequency shock therapy ( PercussionTherapy) , can more deep infiltration and release pressure to deal with the trigger point and its excessive tense muscles after high intensity exercise. So finally reached a conclusion that: muscle correction training we are doing, you can't use massage instead of bubble gun axis to correct training. Correction training only for this time of the bubble shaft correction can reach three requirements. First, to crush the second more than a single point of direction, to deep the third force, want to be in a single point force through deep stay for a long time after the above points massage gun is unable to achieve. Which when massage can replace bubble gun axis? This kind of situation is general in daily after the completion of the training can use massage gun instead of the foam shaft for muscle relaxation. Reprint please indicate the: massage massage gun gun guide what can replace the foam axis 2)
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