Massage chair, massage, massage machine gun which is better?

by:SUNGPO     2020-09-07
You also often aching muscles? Modern people may be because of sitting position is not correct or because of sports injuries cause muscle pain. Many people will choose massage muscle relaxation, but some people will choose to buy massage appliances at home. So, massage chairs, massage, massage machine gun which effect is better? Massage chair: lay relaxed very cool, but to occupy a space home is enough big. Many massage machine: specification, in terms of the waist, legs, also receive better than massage chair, but seemed more in a single functional? Massage gun: it looks like a drill, roughly on the neck, the arms, legs, can press, but seem to need to study the method of use lest hurt. Also not occupy a space. Would like to ask everyone at home is to choose what kind of? Massage a gun, you want to by less convenient place, will people don't help me, please. Hand massage and gun is very difficult to turn to behind, it's not that long. More convenient to carry, can according to the chest and waist, legs and feet but still have great vessels to avoid neck, massage gun does not occupy a space alone won. Massage chair is really comfortable to use, but can take away too much space. Machine is a high chance of idle, massaging the gun and the chance of selling, often run or weights for muscle soreness, actually this three things only name like, function fundamental difference is very big. Reprint please indicate the: massage gun guide 'massage chair, massage, massage machine gun which is better? 3)
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