Massage gun can shape thin leg?

by:SUNGPO     2020-09-08

Some people say massage gun can thin leg, before on the Internet to see what thin leg, thin body of artifacts, such as by high frequency vibration to burn fat, can achieve the effect of thin body. About slimming thin leg it, Lao wang has asked the trainer, the answer is: only as a sports training after you massage gun, relax your muscles, is a massage to relax, another purpose is to make your legs not muscular legs, as for the thin leg is no effect of thin body. Through the high frequency vibration to reduce weight a bit really 'IQ is suspected, the lazy man want to thin body is can't do massage massage gun shaping figure, but massage gun can solve the leg exercise form muscular legs, and after exercise for calf shaping effect is very good, just for the muscle. So I want to buy massage gun lazy thin leg effect of friends don't have to consider. And after a n experienced person personally test, hard aerobic anaerobic exercise training is difficult to want to achieve in thin leg effect, not to mention with a gun is much more difficult to want to thin leg massage. Updates: if you girls want to thin leg, don't let the calf so look 'strong', must carry out stretching. Because Lao wang in the previous article red and to judge the health of the calf muscles must be the length of the muscle, so after the calf of exercise, it is necessary to stretch stretching, plus massage with gun massage to ease! Reprint please indicate the: massage massage gun gun guide can shape thin leg?                             

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