Massage a gun?

by:SUNGPO     2020-08-19
What effect to have massage gun? Massage fitness sport is very popular gun what to use? If you have the exercise habits, we should have heard can help relieve muscle massage gun right, but! Who says that only a person in the sports need a massage gun, gun what massage experience today ~ massage first look at the gun the brand underwear ~ Youlisn is a company in shenzhen, mainly to do foreign trade export. On April 9, 2019 in the United States registered brand. Massage a gun in the amazon and other foreign electric business platform can see, this brand is also keep, li ning's contract party, strong sense of plastic. Taobao sales agent for it, no Tmall stores, after no too much protection. Here the hero is a beauty, she is the first time contact with massage gun is in room steel pipe, steel pipe movement belongs to hang himself up weight training, muscular endurance is completely consumed by a loss to the power of anaerobic training, coaches know young beauty often use excessive muscle groups, even after the training, the next day often arm can't move, so the classroom has a massage gun let the little beauty and her sisters to use, the human who USES this massage gun, to know how much that is relax frank but massage gun is only suitable for sports training after use? Office workers sit in the office all day at the computer for too long, or like companies that need long standing at the front desk work, fixed a posture for a long time is easy to cause muscle discomfort, even small beautiful mother do three meals every day cleaning the house is also very tired, in simple terms, needs to be massage can use massage gun! Since the feel the benefits of massage gun, small beautiful decided to from already of a! Little beauty seriously do their homework on the Internet and found the massage gun praise among popular artists, athletes, and it is light well, three kinds of situation pattern intensity of + 4 + 6 kinds of massage head, power life up to nine hours, very suitable for small beauty the whole family together. Received massage on the first day of the gun, small beautiful mother surprised to say: why you have this! The clinic of traditional Chinese medicine also have! No assembly! Operation way really, really very simple, even the elders are easy to use, small beautiful father thought that will be used to 'getting' now. Massage gun bin is full of simple sense, either to the gym or in the luggage compartment, can be convenient to carry away at any time, even a family of athletes, with little beauty to make an appointment to take it to go to the marathon. In addition to the appearance quality is good, the inside each parts have their own position, don't let a person have the & # 8221; Clutter & # 8221; Feeling. Gun equipped with massage: massage gun X1, massage head X6, charger X1, using manual X1, receive a case X1 ( Six different feeling of massage head/let users according to their needs to change) 。 It has two colors, black, pearl white worried about thought she would be very complicated to assemble originally, but the battery with the grip has one, put on massage head can use! Don't heavy, all the girls can easily take the general. Host button on the top of the 3 different mode choice, from low to high speed of different intensity, had just finished movement can select the mode of high strength, low if ordinary or elders can massage strength model, the most special ~ have a circulation pattern from weak to strong, this kind of feeling like a real feeling of massage. By the bulk intensity of tuyere button is choice, from low to high a total of four models. The more scattered tuyere can prolong the service life of motor design, like the concept of a bit of a hair dryer, on behalf of the power consumption of the blue light, blue light all on full charge state. As long as there is a massage of the gun, is more a 'personal masseuse', can also according to different parts of the change of different massage heads, before the little beauty to relax muscles with roller, massage ball, but with deep massage, massage really or gun. Gun to replace massage massage head also is very simple, easy to pull up and put back again. Like little beauty from already the most commonly used is the ordinary spherical head, for the muscles to do massage, the machines through natural vibration loosening muscles, slowly you will find very tight place originally, surprised to find that they let go! Even ordinary press back, to simply relax. Have a bit very important reminder! When using do not need to make the force pressure, lightly across the skin is good, don't have the & # 8221; Pain is not the & # 8221; Thoughts, don't because a portion of the form special ache, can directly take massage my gun crazy play! If it is a runner or long the station for a long time, can start from the feet, lower arch of the foot from down to up according to, don't make the same power, as long as gently glide. Actually this six different massage heads, there is no rules that part of your body is suitable for use that kind of massage head, like a little beauty personally liked with a head, but his sister was particularly love with U, very complete provide six kinds of massage head, meet my whole family at a time, usually in addition to your massage, can also be used to his father. Reprint please indicate the: massage massage gun gun guide? 2)
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