Massage a gun what is classification?

by:SUNGPO     2020-12-26
Massage a gun what is classification? According to department massage can be classified into: whole body massage, back massage gun gun, leg massage gun according to the way of massage can be divided into: electric gun, gun back massage, massage the leg massage gun according to use can be divided into: home massage, office massage massage gun gun gun is it real leather? In general massage gun is rarely of genuine leather, all kinds of leather fabrics are not suitable for electric massage guns! Main reasons are as follows: 1, poor tensile elongation of leather, leather after repeated tensile wrinkle easily! According to the normal massage need, within a year, a moist leather massage with a gun, will be drawn into a wrinkled old woman, covered can't restore the original compact! Massage and high-end gun adopts special PU leather is generally can be used more than 5 years! 2, leather care massage guns, leather care massage gun as ms delicate skin, needs to be more careful, or sloppy away to a sample in two days! Massage gun structure have? Motherboard: used to massage gun control programs, the operation of the power supply, pneumatic valve motor vehicle movement: massage gun movement is collocation of manipulator and the control of the manipulator motors installation guide: guide is to massage the gun body, tie-in movement manipulator, and most of the major parts of the internal manipulator: massage gun manipulator, through the design process, can realize simulation of a variety of massage technique motor: commonly known as the motor, its main function is to produce driving torque, as with all electrical or mechanical power of massage gun the execution of the standard is what? GB / T26182 - 2010 household and similar use health care massage a gun for more massage gun related knowledge, please baidu search massage small gun to pay! !
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