Massage a gun, for your health

by:SUNGPO     2020-12-18
Eleven years ago, 'humble abode' will buy the reality on the screen, 11 years later, the 'home' again to return to the public line of sight to the house. Through everything in the perspective of the real estate agent life, buy a house, the stories between sellers and buyers, reflecting the lives of ordinary people, suantiankula, dreams of ordinary people to buy a house, cause the resonance of the society, hit back, buy a house close to the real story, tell us the life one after another, to buy a house is always the Chinese life events, life around but mark, house is not only, also carrying a lifetime of happiness, people for house special complex, rooted in a home. In 'home', whether GongBeiBei go-getters molecule, or costs of the old couple, yan want to solve the housing problem, the house is not only used to live, also with our good life yearning for the future, a lot of people struggle for many years, after many years, but is looking for a belong to his 'home', as the title 'home', a home, and heart to Ann, have a sense of belonging, in fact we desire is not just a house, but one that makes us at the home of body and mind, a healthy home, is a safe, warm and soft. Unexpected opening in 2020, make people began the grounded resistance 'disease' - Home quarantine, let people began to realize that occupy the home the importance of 'healthy', healthy and comfortable living environment that occupy the home, leave the artifact of health, massage, improve residential 'practicality', points to the health of the residents.
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