Massage a gun can reduce weight?

by:SUNGPO     2020-12-18
Massage guns are commonly used to care, but it can also have effect reducing weight. When the gun was carried out on the body massage massage, in fact, in addition to health benefits, and the effect that reduce weight. The following four proved this idea: a: acupuncture point massage law reducing weight, since human facial key points, from top to bottom, from front to back massage massage gun, have sun Microsystems fall Yin, encouraging 14 by the meridian qi, get through the whole body meridians. Can prevent blood stasis, and therefore for obesity after positive patients, namely strong obese people have a better curative effect. 2: gun brand tired massaging acupuncture weight loss method to follow the course of the massage of zang-fu organs and meridians once or more of the acupuncture points, for caused by once or more than the visceral lesions caused by obesity has fine effect, generally focus on lung, spleen, kidney, stomach, bladder, 5 channels and collaterals. Use period required to limit food intake, and gradually increase the physical activity level, keep the body over a period of time consumption is greater than the intake, to consume the body of excess fat, reach the goal of reducing weight. Three: tired friction pat degreasing method, friction tired day, skin flap, hold hand twist JianBei fat accumulation place method, in order to reach the purpose of removing fat. Suitable for obesity, shortness of breath, sweating, abdominal distension, the symptom such as lower limb edema of simple obesity. Four: massage gun manufacturer to remind you: the whole body massage division gun law reducing weight, suitable for different types of obesity people, can be divided into face, neck, arms, chest, waist, abdomen, leg, knee, foot and other 10 parts, based on the degree of the obese people fat accumulation can be adjusted, thus has flexibility. Abdominal massage gun diet: is one way to eliminate the big stomach abdomen massage law reducing weight, it is suitable for the digestive system, nervous system, and many diseases of the urogenital system, and can be used as a method to eliminate abdominal fat, strong body, has the advantages of easy to learn, feel comfortable, be quick. Next article: teach you how to choose a good massage gun? A: massage gun by a female friend like?
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