Massage a gun behind the price difference between what the truth?

by:SUNGPO     2020-12-18
Nowadays with the development of people's living level in improving, some students family education in order to reduce the pressure on children's physical and mental and physical fatigue, to massage family purchased a gun, then massage to the China market gun manufacturers a dime a dozen, is a different price range. You know what hidden behind the product price and different factors? Now let's come under the specific situation is introduced. Before you start, talk to your partner, watching a video. One bought a massage gun, took some time to break. He wanted to see what it is, what it is made of, he began to move to massage his gun. Then I am afraid. Why is that? Because the back of the chair is made of cardboard, inside some parts or plastic material, want to vomiting blood. 。 But it's good it's not a big problem, otherwise penitence all too late. 。 What is the meaning of this? Under normal circumstances, you pay more correctly. Massage gun is high, the price is low. Choose you want to keep an eye, don't be pit. The next step to know the price is very low really massage gun is what is going on. Price level is very low massage massage hand is generally use plastic to fixed, often through many times students will easily appear cracks after friction. Internal control of other parts are not enough precision, use up all insecure. If the chair cover is rough will trigger social various skin problems. If we continue to education funds to use for a long time, will affect their psychological health. Let alone will have health care effect. And for after-sales management service is not perfect. There is something wrong with nausea. Do you know this little guy? In choosing a massage gun remember to store this experience, feeling massage effect is good? ? Inspection quality is not qualified? Like the chair cover and the internal components of materials is trustworthy? After-sales service guaranteed? ? Advice to word of mouth massage gun store choice, so don't worry about all sorts of bad heart problems. 。 It is also more comfortable to use.
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