Marvel diffuse wei steel iron man joint massage gun?

by:SUNGPO     2020-09-03
Xiao li is a love running, swimming, bike, weights and other sports fitness, even quite upset professional wrestling sports are his favorite! But always have a dream, the dream is the most of the boys has a superhero dream, among numerous superhero, favorite personal style and handsome, strong body and intelligent 'iron man', in order to complete a childhood dream, become the iron man, so xiao li to movement, until dreams come true! But in order to become a super hero, is the need to pay a certain cost, it takes time to build the strongest body not only, more need to bear the cause physical pain, because training really upset xiao li for a long time, even childhood steel once want to give up the dream. Xiao li tried on various market can achieve eliminate muscle soreness repair equipment, such as like a massage roller, massage ball, xiao li even inside and outside and repair, daily use can help repair of BCAA and fish oil, but can quickly and improve because the muscles are sore delay phenomenon caused by the motion, so xiao li can only be spent in each night in pain. But in one's sleep, dreams of a crisp suit, carrying a placard DITA glasses of man, to xiao li said, 'hey, try this one, and it will help you succeed steel dream! 'When wake up to call him, found in the hands of many a red and black with something electrum, discovered that is Tony stark, xiao li and hand it is the iron man color of Marvel wei iron man speed gun vibration massage! Artifact blessing, quick say with muscle soreness bye bye no wrong! Today is to introduce the diffuse Disney legal authorization, iron man appearance color of Marvel iron man speed gun vibration massage, unique appearance design, with high precision technology, and joined iron man elements in detail place create a massage with the function of science and technology, fashion and powerful gun. Carry 2020 new generation brushless motor technology, with four frequency vibration and seven kinds of different massage heads, from wake up muscle to massage all balance depth, if you don't know how to adjust the strength of the massage gun, can also according to the R ( Fascia relax ease) M( Moderate exercise slow) F ( The intensity of movement slow) Adjust! Before the fitness training, xiao li will use Marvel diffuse WeiGang 1 - iron man massage a gun 2 file to awaken his muscle muscle group, about 5 to 10 minutes to let the body quickly enter the condition; Xiao li will use Marvel after training diffuse WeiGang ironman speed about 10 - gun vibration massage 3 shift 15 minutes to let the body to eliminate movement caused by the muscle discomfort, if you encounter such as chest, legs muscles larger area caused by the muscle group for training the day before discomfort, 4th gear is choose to massage my gun, deep muscle pain. Massage gun use because everyone's different muscle growth, ache causes and physical condition is different also, so in this proposal for big muscle group ( Such as the chest, back, leg, etc. ) , do follow the muscles to relax, small muscle group ( ErSanTou muscle, deltoid, etc. ) It is recommended to use 1 - 2 speed to play. But in general people often encounter the neck ache, massage if you use a gun to relax, may produce the uncomfortable phenomenon such as dizziness and vomiting, cervical part can use the neck massager, do use collocation! Neck massage apparatus using the high frequency vibration principle, as well as 41 degrees thermostatic hot compress, deep soothing aggravating neck stiffness, unique iron man appearance modelling design, not only good-looking, is to use an artifact! The worst is that he can connect the phone bluetooth, tie-in broadcast music! Also because your muscle soreness, unable to lu iron from fitness enthusiasts breakthrough become a super hero? Waste a lot of time in the traditional relaxation, but doesn't have time to save the world? Hurry to Marvel diffuse WeiGang ironman speed gun vibration massage, quick to crack down on evil muscle soreness, prepare the way for to save the world! Reprint please indicate the: massage Marvel of gun guide diffuse wei steel iron man joint massage gun? 0)
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