Manufacturer to introduce what is time for massage gun

by:SUNGPO     2020-12-16
Massage gun manufacturers to introduce what time suits to choose to do before you go to sleep in the evening, so conducive to sleep. Before eating, unfavorable for 3 minutes after a meal, before meals do gastric secretion, adverse to the digestion, after dinner set j do blood volume reduction, affect the digestion. Drink 1 cup of warm water after 3 minutes, so conducive to the operation of qi and blood, should not drink tea, wine or other drinks. TIPS: if do foot bath at home, with the optional for their needs in the match, with boiling water brew open after crushing, and then use steam fumigation at the bottom of the foot for 5 minutes, then add water, the foot soak in the water. Foot bath with: 15 grams angelica, astragalus, 2 grams, 1 gram, wood 1 grams, 1 gram ze LAN, 1 grams, 1 gram of sichuan pepper, puerarin 15 grams, 6 grams, radix scutellariae asarum 15 grams, 15 grams of semen ziziphi spinosae (zs). Treated with: rhizoma typhonii 1 g, 2 g, 2 g angelica dahurica, rhizoma ligustici wallichii, 1 g, 5 asarum root. Match: cough jute 1 g, 4 grain of pepper, ginger 3 g, 3 g. Treated with: apocynum leaves 15 grams, 6 grams, 15 grams, 1 gram of tuber fleeceflower stem, oyster evodia rutaecarpa 1 g in the development of foot originated in ancient times in China, in the classical books was introduced in detail in neijing is 38 feet meridians and viscera are interlinked, in other study dictionary 'view toe method' and 'foot heart way, it's a pity that due to the loss of literature, we cannot see concrete raw material, however, in the 2世纪8 s, it carries forward the GuangDaYu abroad. As the saying goes: wash a hot feet, equal to nutrition. Wash feet, spring rises is off; Summer wash feet, wet but; Autumn wash feet, lung runchang creep; Wash feet in winter, Dan Tian Wen burning. Wash feet every day also is a kind of method of fitness. Wash feet with hot water, soak 1 - 15 minutes, add hot water, water temperature can c into the blood, fz. After a long walk or strenuous exercise, wash feet with hot water, in addition to comfortable TongWai, can also reduce the aggregation of lactic acid, in pain, fatigue. After washing feet can feel blessed are ooze spleen, enrage bright light, feel happy. Bedtime wash feet with hot water, on the central system to produce a kind of mild, c into the cerebral cortex, sleep sleep sweet smell, make people energetic and bring out the best in each other. If use the eggplant branch or boiled water to wash their feet can be used to red pepper; Ginkgo biloba Fried water to wash their feet to fang infantile diarrhea; Celery leaf boil water to soak the foot, and bolted, with vinegar heating bath foot to foot and leg. Foot is one kind of simple survey, governance and three 1 tip of the body, to slow, there are also significant. Try as long as people 1, yi the foot of qi, tao is' all heroes be afraid, afraid of the feet, feet hole shall play more and more important role in the fitness governance, to get more and more people's favorite. Foot is the foundation of the human body health, N and the root of physical aging s starting with the feet first. Feet frequently, the healthy person is strong. Usually don't walk people tend to appear first. Those who be engaged in labor and bread all day with their feet in middle-aged people and barefoot physical labor of the old farmer, with a body. Movement is life, is also the way. People need to exercise without feet, feet not j is the key to evolution, and health protection of survival. Old idea, people should be changed in the past to learn 1 more fitness knowledge and new knowledge to the foot, then exercise, cherish their feet, t high body quality and health level, can slow the aging, and health. Since open heaven and earth, the people are looking for a healthy, however, is one know hidden at the foot of the health of human body, this is the foot hole, also called foot reflection zone. Holography - - Foot hole, is China's labor in the long struggle with the practice of exploring the 1 of the no. She spread in the folk, the source is far deep, had a few history. Through the improvement of the traditional and modern science, it has become one kind of diagnosis, and rapid method of three 1. Is now popular in many regions and, popular with the world and, have in learning community, become a new line of learning. Foot hole can stimulate the body's internal potential, increase the ability of the body, overcome the factor. It is suitable for various viscera organs, t don't for long tired and not learn there lack of yx method t alone. Foot hole for both, table, fever, false or true, she can severely, overall, multi-function, is to solve the body's own adjustment and 1 the gold key of the system. Want to know other information, please pay attention to our guangdong ( Yangjiang) Spinoza electronic technology co. , LTD. , the foot hole is direct, it has a two-way adjustment role to mx, virtual can fill, real person can have diarrhoea, will the cold temperature, fever can be clear, the product can come loose, nut can be soft, damage, not enough, scattered stasis,,,, centralizer remove, increase physical fitness. It is j and fruit significantly, and the former check accurate, can find out the function of the instrument can't detect and implicit ( Early disease) 。 To the development of learning, the person's mood as 1 to 5 to 7 years old to feel or diagnosed by the instrument detection, wait until a timely, this too late. And foot acupuncture point can be checked before, when the body's early days, a man without, love j has 5 to 1, can be found out accurately, the foot hole on policing, fang to ahead. Are still unable to early diagnosis and early. According to who statistics, in recent years in the sending rate, about 3 belongs to the source ( Due to the material) About 16, about 21 belongs to, belong to the source ( Caused by misdiagnosis and accident) 。 The life of people facing the severe threat. Therefore the urgent need 1 j: no, but also in the early diagnosis and one green. In the surface hole is stand out in a crowd. Next article: massage gun manufacturers is introduced when the choose and buy must pay attention to in the previous: foot massage for vendors would talk about what kinds of conditions
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