Magical massage gun, 15 minutes to relax your muscles? !

by:SUNGPO     2020-09-06
Massage guns had already been popular for a year, if you don't know principle and effect to read this article! Massage gun tapping massage therapy: by focusing on high frequency pressure pulse target body, accelerate and improve deep muscle tissue repair. It can increase blood flow to the different key parts of the body, so as to ease the pain, and improve the movement and scope. It also can help extend, before exercise to stimulate muscle, so as to enhance the flexibility, performance and physical reflection. In addition, our brains respond to high frequency of massage is very strong, this makes muscle soreness group of min yue, which always penetrate into deep tissue. In simple terms is to use high frequency ( 40 per second vibration) And up to 80 pounds, relieve muscle fatigue, promote blood and lymph circulation, reduce lactic acid accumulation, the nervous system and muscle activation, etc. Let the athletes or suffer from muscle muscle pains in the home also can massage treatment. Muscle massage machine suit has four 'massage head,' suggested by the following options. Big round head: according to the big muscles, such as the thighs and legs. A thin round head, according to a finer muscle use, such as the back and shoulders. Cone head: according to the specific location, such as the foot, plantar fascia pain relief. Note: the above position, reproductive organs, neck wound, not completely heal wounds and children under the age of eight is not recommended. Please see below for the treatment of muscle blood flow before and after pictures: reproduced please indicate: massage magical massage gun gun guide, 15 minutes to relax your muscles? ! 0)
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