Low price of the massage really worth of gun?

by:SUNGPO     2020-09-04
Years ago, when the early back to their hometown, after several days of work, was thinking about using massage to relax the gun, but but forgot to bring my own favorite massage guns. Can't in online massage again bought a gun, but choose massage gun is cut in the lowest price product. The purpose is to take a look at this price but best massage to relax the product really can massage with gun and the ancestors of domestic products is not what's the difference? Also, by the way to solve low price massage really worth of gun? After using internal coupons, Lao wang I took less than 50 yuan price bought a plug-in versions of massage to relax the gun. Then with Lao wang to take a look at the sales good products! Look on the price put it here, don't expect the external packing problem. Sure enough, to simply cannot again simple pallets, from inside to outside all deeply with the flavor of an 'I am a fake'! When wang put the box down, after the massage is caught sight of a gun, a few massage head and the power converter is a 12 v! ! ! Massage head of the material in this product, massage head is equipped with four regular material of different shape of the head. Massage head of work or we can see it in the past, is pointed massage head some burrs untreated in place, and in the extent of hard and soft material, is not bad, is the whole product plastic taste is very big! Gear side Lao wang actually when we suggest massage gun, don't pay attention to the problem of gear too much, not gear across the better, just enough! Massage like this gun is altogether three gear, Lao wang think enough! Speed problem carefully look at the instructions did not mention to massage the speed of the gun, but the product's website says it is up to 6400 revolutions per minute, but the actual use down a 1000 RPM is highest good, so everyone in selecting massage guns do not do not believe that climate of brand publicity! Everybody turned to consider, massage the ancestors of gun from one generation to the second generation product highest speed didn't exceed the speed limit of 3200 revolutions per minute, 'younger brother' other products no courage speed can reach 9600 r boast their own products, and even some say can reach tens of thousands of turn! Strength problem of strength, massage a gun at the core of the problem. Say Lao wang first purchased this product experience. This product on Lao wang is like tickling, completely didn't achieve the result of depth muscle fascia release. This reflects the strength problem of massage gun, almost like GangBao struck to the ancestors, each a very awesome, strength is very large. The domestic products like children to tickle of pharaoh. And such problems, after all, when it comes to massage the gun motor and massage head the amplitude of the distance problem, Lao wang to choose this kind of massage guns officer xuan is the use of the imported brushless motor, but Lao wang will not believe, very simple cost problem; Motor selection is not good, then the strength of the product will sell at a discount greatly. … Other details about this less than 50 yuan of massage gun problems don't have to do the steps one by one to you, and the low price of massage is very not worth of gun. First does not consider the quality problem, only use the experience this, estimates that everyone will have a bad impression to massage the gun, can develop more ideas for massage no gun. That's because a lot of people will choose low price massage gun of experience! Your cash-strapped, choice of domestic well-known brands massage gun is a good choice, if you rich foreign massage guns or GR3 is right choice, remember to massage gun price is around $600 in the United States. Reprint please indicate the: massage massage gun really worth of gun's guide to low price? 1)
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