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Low Frequency Therapy Machine

Low Frequency Therapy Machine


Dual-core frequency conversion pulse wave instrument is based on the theory of meridian and collateral of traditional Chin-ese medicine and biology. It integrates an-cient traditional Chinese medicine, mod-ern west-ern medicine reflexology and bioelec-tricity technology creatively. It acts on the human body through medium and low-frequency waves, and dredges the meridians to make influence on the human body: Blood circulation, yin and yang balance, regulation of bioelectricity, activation of nerves, enhance the body's immune function, to achieve health care, longevity, prevent disease.

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Part 2: Healthy Hot Shoes

Feet are the source of human body's vitality. As long as the soles of the feet are warm and melding, the human body will be able to maintain a healthy and long life. The Footwear is made of high-tech technology. It will use the 36 acupuncture points of the soles to collect the soles of the foot, put on foot shoes and then massage with the host, the user's feet will have a feeling of hemp, swelling, and massage, and feels acupuncture, massage, hammering, cupping,etc. It can effectively stimulate the foot 36 points, through the various meridians (foot-Yangming stomach, foot sun bladder, Foot Shaoyin Kidney Meridian, Foot Shaoyang gallbladder, Foot Yin Liver), improve the human microcirculation, Regulate endocrine, improve metabolism, activate human tissue cells, so as to achieve smooth blood flow, biological waves through the soles of the feet and foot meridians through the body, adjust the yin and yang balance of organs organs.


[Positioning] 3 inches on the tip of the medial malleolus, the posterior edge of the medial side of the humerus.
[Function] Spleen and dampness, and regulate liver and kidney.
[Indications] Intestinal bloating, diarrhea and other spleen and stomach weakness, indigestion; irregular menstruation, urinary adverse, enuresis and other genitourinary diseases; palpitations, insomnia, high blood pressure, eczema, edema; lower limb paralysis.

Zusanli is the "Shouyangming stomach"

Regular massage of the body's Zusanli acupuncture points can promote blood circulation, smooth meridians and relieve fatigue.
Modern is often used to treat acute and chronic gastroenteritis, duodenal ulcer, appendicitis, hypertension, coronary heart disease, angina pectoris, rheumatic fever, bronchitis, bronchial asthma, bloating, shock, insomnia, etc.


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