List where there is massage gun?

by:SUNGPO     2020-12-25
I personally don't believe these things out, based on how many, or how much of the sales, or sales price to list? Is not accurate, I think should be in accordance with the product quality and service quality and cost-effective products to ranking, but this kind of bad data is analyzed, so don't believe these things out, this is my understanding, the hope can help you. I do this line, give you a qualified export manufacturers within the industry: 1. . 2. In the spring of impression, 3. Life force, you can refer to massage the principle of gun is to use mechanical rolling force and mechanical force extrusion for massage, artificial massage can dredge meridians, gets the blood circulation, to maintain the body balance of Yin and Yang, so after massage can feel the muscles relax, flexible joints, energizing, eliminate fatigue, play an important role to ensure the body health. Massage guns on the market in 2014 the work principle of general is the use of machinery and rolling force to pump the gas pressure of extrusion massage, using the artificial massage can dredge meridian, gets the blood circulation, to maintain the body balance of Yin and Yang, can feel the muscles relax after massage, flexible joints, energizing, eliminate fatigue. Market situation with the continuous development of economy and people's life rhythm speeding up unceasingly, the people pay more and more attention to health of body and mind. China's 'sub-health population proportion has reached 70%, more than 900 million people, and massage with massage health care, is China's traditional Chinese medicine project, because of its old and young all appropriate, application range is very wide. As has the health functions of all kinds of massage appliance such as massage, massage bathtub, massage footbath gun and other products, also because in relieving stress, relieve fatigue, etc, the effect is remarkable, and in the sub-health state of life of consumers welcome. Huge demand and development space, will make all kinds of household massage instrument development momentum, as a new growth point of health industry. Under the huge development space to attract, many companies in China in massage appliances production, makes the massage appliances export situation of our country in recent years, the medical instrument and equipment industry in China has become the 2013 largest export amount of products, the export market is expanding constantly, export prospects are very broad. About how to choose the first should choose a massage commensurate with their guns. If it is too big or too small can't make massage my gun to the corresponding parts of the body massage. Because massage gun is mainly used to relax and care, so its function should be considered when choosing whether comprehensive core parts choose massage gun factors should be considered, massage the gun core parts of main machine core, guide, machine, material, etc. , the quality of a massage gun mainly depends on the quality of these core components: motherboard motherboard can be said to be the brain massage gun, used to massage gun control programs, the operation of the power supply, pneumatic valve motor carrier, through the massage hand gun controller transfer orders, by the motherboard to accept and issue instructions to the chair of the massage device, thus carries on the massage movement, is one of the important components. The stand or fall of a massage gun, not only depends on its external function is much, material is good, but also to see whether he humanized massage program, program experience degree is high. Stopwatch massage gun is tie-in manipulator device and control manipulator motors, it can be free to walk on the guide rail, according to the guide rail length back and hips to the human body massage manipulator. Massage guide rail gun body, collocation is massage movement manipulator, and most of the major parts of the internal gun overall skeleton. Until 2014, mechanical hand massage gun manipulator, through the design program, can realize simulation of a variety of massage technique, through the massage principle, realize the massage effect, dredge meridian, qi and blood circulation, to maintain the body balance of Yin and Yang, manipulator when massaging the gun is the most main way of massage. Motor is commonly known as the motor, its main function is to produce driving torque, as with all electrical or mechanical power. Generator in circuit with the letter G said. Its main function is to use mechanical energy into electrical energy, and support the important driving force of robot hand massage function. General massage guns in the following motor: (1) kneading machine: drive manipulator kneading technique; Tapping motor (2) : tapping technique driven manipulator; 3. Vibration motor: make massage vibration effect; (4) : walking motor driven manipulator guide to walk; : 5 foot wheel motor drive foot roller operation; 6: kneading disc motor drives the kneading disk operations. Cortical massage gun cortex is very important, excellent cortex is key to massage the choice of comfort, luxury massage massage gun generally USES special PU leather, the three-dimensional network of non-woven fabric as base material, leather must be super wear-resistant, soft and fine and smooth, and professional waterproof processing, permeability is better. For more massage gun related knowledge, please baidu search massage small gun to pay! !
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