Like the person who exercise is necessary to buy massage gun?

by:SUNGPO     2020-08-25
This in Lao wang certainly answer: you may really don't have to! Must carry on the corresponding leading up to the fitness, fitness after pulling, the muscle massage both are rolled iron enthusiasts essential knowledge. If you don't warm up before fitness, I'm afraid at the time of anaerobic exercise for the body can be injured. After the gym, don't stretch the massage, the second day I'm afraid you can't even the bed up. For example due to incorrect posture for a long time or maintain an action for a long time can cause human body muscle strain or stiff, this time no more comfortable than a stretch. Although little yawn, this is really a muscle stretch! Massage the appearance of the gun is carried out to solve without oxygen, will myofascial scattered massage to relax. Its products have fascia ball, peanut balls, and the relaxation of the corresponding products such as bubble axis. In so many products, relaxing massage massage guns is the highest efficiency, good massage gun meat 'to a' strong and powerful, publish or perish, can quickly will tight muscles break up, get rid of lactic acid. As for why, massage fitness runners are not certain of the gun, this is because as long as you can in the body or run after can effectively body stretching, or someone give you a very good massage, massage can not proceed with gun! Reprint please indicate the: massage gun guide like exercise is necessary to buy massage gun? 2)
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