Judge massage guns from what respect?

by:SUNGPO     2020-12-18
As a helpless pain, an office worker, 996 a week of hard work to get their exhausted every waist sour backache is the norm. 。 。 Looking back at his former life, also really exclamation oneself can insist on down, can't, because of family pressure, steps can only walk the line. Every day to go home the first thing to do is collapsed on the sofa, not delayed for half an hour, not up to this state of life, every day family also see not bottom go to, and urged me to buy a used for soothing massage gun, to be honest, I myself have initiation the idea for a long time, the bullet will buy altogether! Massage gun is big in the home, not only expensive, but is a matter of health, can not be careless, the author in order to buy a massage gun, specially to do the homework more than half a month, summarizes the basis of a judge massage gun at 6, today, share with everyone here! Stopwatch first let's talk. Movement can be said to be a massage gun most is the most important part, no one. Why do you say that? Because it has the function that the hands of the massage division, this pair of 'hand' not so, is the most important factor determines the massage effect. On the market at present the main points, 2 d and 3 d and 4 d movement ( 5 d the author only felt in Fuji, do not discuss here) , is not to say that it is good to all of the 4 d in 3 d and 2 d, but 4 d movement both from simulation, or professional degrees, are leading! Balloon as another part of the massage, massage massage airbags in gun as is in the position, the principle of airbag massage, is through the inflated and deflated, to adjust the volume of the balloon, in fixed space, inflatable balloon, when on the arms, legs, instep, waist muscle groups such as parts of clamping pressure force, to simulate the hand pressure massage. Shoulder bag and leg bag, for example, the effect of the airbag filling is very obvious 'clip' the effect. And shoulder also some have air bags, shoulder bag is not only the main pressure effect, but have the effect of the fixed body is in the majority. Fabric as close skin products, fabrics is also a big consideration standard massage gun, the wear-resisting of cortex or not directly determine the lifespan of the massage gun, is whether it is comfortable and materials related to massage gun experience is in line with the requirements. Last is the after-sales service after-sales service, massage so expensive a big gun, if there is a problem no one solution must be very annoying. Before buying, so we must know the product after-sale guarantee to laid hands on him. Of course, the best way is to choose a few big brands, not only the quality guaranteed, after-sales is guaranteed!
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