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Is the ultrasonic beauty instrument useful?

Is the ultrasonic beauty instrument useful?


Many girls who love beauty should be familiar with ultrasonic beauty equipment.


It mainly uses the characteristics of strong ultrasonic penetration, high frequency, good directionality, high tension, and can penetrate 4-6 cm under the skin to strengthen the blood circulation of the skin, improve the permeability of the skin, promote metabolism, and promote drugs and various drugs. The penetration and absorption of a variety of nutrients and active substances to achieve the purpose of weight loss and body shaping, whitening and improving skin quality.


Therefore, the ultrasonic beauty instrument has three characteristics: 1. Promote the penetration and absorption of skin care products. 2. Help skin cleansing and improve skin metabolism. 3. Promote cell activation and increase collagen.

Next, I will elaborate on these three characteristics.

1. Promote the penetration and absorption of skin care products:


Most of the effective ingredients in skin care products are organic macromolecules. Using the high-frequency vibration of ultrasonic waves, the maintenance components with larger molecules can be miniaturized, and the penetration force can be exerted to penetrate the nutrients of skin care products into the dermis layer of the skin, allowing the skin to absorb more nutrients.


Bicheng Jun once told everyone that in the natural state, simply applying skin care products is difficult to penetrate the human body's natural barrier-the epidermis. Therefore, nutrition can only float on the surface of the skin. No nutrition can get in, and even the best skin care products can't work.


And with the ultrasonic beauty instrument, it can achieve the effect of deep absorption, and better play the effect of your skin care products.

2. Help clean skin and improve skin metabolism:


Ultrasound has strong power and energy, acting on the face can cause skin cells to vibrate, produce a fine massage effect, change the cell volume, thereby improving local blood and lymph circulation, enhancing cell permeability, and stimulating the nervous system and Cell function.


By improving the metabolism and regeneration of tissues, it can stimulate the skin's metabolism to increase by 25% to 30%, so that the too old stratum corneum can be rapidly metabolized, so that the facial cuticles are smooth and healthy, and the skin's absorption power is enhanced, so that the skin is shiny and elastic.

3. Promote cell activation:


The principle of the ultrasonic beauty instrument is the same as most photoelectric beauty instruments to stimulate the proliferation of collagen and elastin in the dermis, activate the skin cell tissue, and make the skin look softer, more elastic, firm and elastic.


Ultrasonic beauty instrument is characterized by its smaller effect on pores, better anti-aging, gloss and elasticity. It is more suitable for mature skin, but it cannot be used every day (at most twice a week), otherwise it will cause a burden on the skin.


In addition, there are many contraindications for the use of ultrasound: it is forbidden for people with heart disease and pregnant women. It is best not to use it during menstruation. Metal implants on the face (including dental implants) are forbidden. It is best to avoid skin damage. It is best to avoid it twice a week for up to 10 minutes. Never use it on the eyes!


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