IQ tax? 2000 pieces of massage gun is really worth it?

by:SUNGPO     2020-08-28
Yes! This broken massage gun really spent 2000 dollars to it's supposed to be about fitness, 2020 is my one of the most impulsive consumption. Distance on a buy already has 3 months, I believe I have enough qualification to massage the gun. To share my experience, the use of a years you can judge for themselves whether this 2000 dollars to pay the tax IQ? Of the more than 2000 of the brand as the massage gun, has reserved products packing box because of packing box was good. Massage guns have battery accessories, I use for such a long time: the battery power is very durable. Ten days is basically will charge half a month. Then what's four massage head, massage gun bullet-shaped head suit to relax the muscles in small groups, such as your shoulders or your biceps and upper chest muscles; Flat head massage head is suit to relax large muscle groups, such as your thigh muscles; Fork type and spherical massage head wasn't used, because the front two massage head can completely satisfy the daily to ease the use of muscles. Massage gun's biggest advantage is its portability, every time you back pain, we all have to spend time alone to stretch the muscles. I was very lazy, every time want to lie on the bed, I don't want to go alone take time to stretch the muscles, so the close of the massage the ancestors of a gun. Since a massage gun, can make muscles while looking at the computer's massage. Above or you can lie on the bed play mobile edge relaxation chest muscle, so that you are a lazy man, massage a gun or practical for you, 2000 dollars is equal to buy a massage therapist for a long time. About the use effect of massage gun: the $2000 price massage gun official claims can help moderate stiff muscles ache, the effect will be better than general drawing a lot. Personal experience muscle relaxation massage with the gun, the effect of traditional stretching muscle is almost with you, is not as bad it is exaggerated. Instead, if you want to maximize the muscle relaxation: traditional stretch and massage the gun collocation can let you use maximum loosen your muscles. There is a lot of friends to ignore a bit, actually has a lot of cheap massage guns on the market, probably can be bought or yuan, so why pick a massage gun price so high? Big reason is the low price massage gun gun on its use as a massage, massage a bigger reason is that gun when using noise problem is unbearable, the noise is nothing less than the voice of the real electric drill, I believe you are not willing to endure a drill when relax the muscle of voice, do not want to be with a earplugs to relax the muscles. Overall massage the gun, if two thousand is not a big problem for you, it is highly recommend this massage gun, after all, is one of the industry benchmark level, its portability, use effect and use experience is very good. But two thousand dollars for you far more than your level of consumption, then proceed with about $one thousand of domestic well-known massage gun also is right choice, although its portability and use does not discount, but experience or there will be a little bit damaged. For normal, massage into not of gun it doesn't matter, because you can use the traditional method of drawing can get good effect of muscle relaxation. Finally, don't know if you think this two thousand dollars to massage gun made tax intelligence? Related: massage gun using method and comprehensive tell you 'IQ tax massage gun? 'Reprint please indicate the: massage IQ of gun guide tax? 2000 pieces of massage gun is really worth it? 2)
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