Inappropriate use of massage is the harm

by:SUNGPO     2020-12-18
Variety, price less 23000 yuan, guns massage frequently tens of thousands of yuan, what effect? Gun expert thinks, and use the right massage, can alleviate fatigue, but heart disease, hypertension and osteoporosis should be careful. In addition, massage gun is high frequency mechanical vibration or scroll to stimulating massage to human body, the strength and time control is very important also, had better not more than 20 minutes for a single use. Massage gun if used properly, can play a role in relieving fatigue, but not 'lust' it does not come down, some even fell asleep lying above, a lie is an hour. Massage the principle of gun design, by imitating the 'rubbing' and 'pinch' of a man's hand movements, to carry on the acupuncture point massage or parts, but it didn't really choose acupuncture point artificial massage, acupuncture, and carrying out similar action. And human body differ in thousands ways, massage guns around probably can only touch the contact point acupuncture points, is difficult to accurately. So although can alleviate fatigue effect, but cannot implement strict treatment effect. Massage the strength of the gun and time control is also very important, especially for the old man is once more vulnerable. If they do too hard, can cause muscle spasm pain. 'The best from light to heavy, from less to more. In addition, massage is the best control within 20 minutes each time, don't massage too many times a day, one or two is enough. ”
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