In what ways the choose and buy massage gun?

by:SUNGPO     2020-12-18
How to choose and buy massage gun? Let's common brand many massage gun, with so many choices, you can be rational to choose according to their demand. 1, brand quality workmanship for big domestic health industry in recent years the attention of more and more high, the factory quality level of the local brands are also rising, the function on the development of more and more humanized, consider cost-effective can pay more attention to domestic brands. 2, see the appearance, the appearance of the work as a massage gun is one of work also represents the reliability of the manufacturer's attitude toward the brand and manufacturer. Massage a gun when the choose and buy, massage guns work should pay attention to details. 3, the neck in neck fit why look fit? Because massage gun is the most important thing for a neck massage, massage the gun for the neck massage kneading is in place, it is the key. Suggest massage gun when the choose and buy, had better go to the mall experience is preferred. 4, see massage guns to the size of the mechanical noise is divided into two kinds: metal and plastic metal machine core products of low noise, long service life, the service life of plastic machine most significantly lower than the metal machine, also a slight noise, only the former price is generally on the high side, the price is relatively low. Compared with type ( With metal or plastic) Massage, the noise big gun internal mechanical clearance size, after struggling becomes looser. 5, the household coordination gun first is necessarily consider massaging the choose and buy a gun at home and the home environment coordination, otherwise, even if the massage gun all aspects are good, once the bad with the coordination of whole household, such as color too highlight, appearance is very ugly, believe you also won't buy. Considering factors need to consider the coordination can have a lot of household, such as massage gun color, size, etc. , it is ok according to the individual subjective feeling. Can refer to online more massage first gun style, understand the market and design to household choice more consider dimensions. 6, see after-sales service from the current market situation, the general store ( Including physical stores and online shopping) Is 'a good after-sales service and guarantee for other services if different vendors will have differences, compared to select the most suitable for their own good. When buying the product, it is important to ensure that merchants can provide service with a variety of security. Also, don't forget to invoice! 7, to see the price from the price, now part of the price of imported brand basic above 3 to 40000, and some of the joint venture brand price basic in 12000 - Around 25000, pure homebred massage gun prices in 5000 - — Around 12000. Price, the price is lower than 5000 yuan of massage, massage is not meet international quality standard strictly, or movement and are defective parts, quality and after-sales service to keep up with, or massage gun belongs to high-end appliances, is the core technology has not been widely recognized, in accordance with the actual cost to calculate, the price is not too low, the general massage gun industry will be the price is too low to massage a gun is called 'enhanced massage cushion. ' The pursuit of low prices, the most need to acknowledge that, before the choose and buy so as not to be deceived. What person is not suitable for massage gun? Because massage massage ball rolled gun can accelerate blood circulation, easy to cause heart disease and other conditions. The bone itself is for patients with osteoporosis calcium deficiency state, easy to deterioration after long press, and even cause fracture. In addition, because generally for full-body massage massage gun, local skin damage and tuberculosis, tumour patients also should not be used, so as to avoid aggravating illness. Pregnant women group also careful buy, although there is no research proves that massage massage gun gun are not suitable for pregnant women, but the constitution is different, everyone in the special period or to avoid too many external factors.
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