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by:SUNGPO     2020-08-28
Feel the muscle soreness after exercise in addition to the brace, now a lot of people in order to relieve the pain massage can buy a gun. What is massage gun? Not all places are available, or wounded upon at any time! Massage today to bring us gun buying guide, let you can buy the most suitable massage his gun and used properly. What is the massage gun? Massage can bring home with 2000 - gun 3000 times of high frequency vibration, force to enter deep muscle, can relax your muscles, improve blood circulation, speed up the row of lactic acid, reduce muscle soreness. Because muscle has a certain thickness, the manpower or the strength of the surface layer of muscle only general family expenses massager, massage and gun can bring high frequency vibration, efforts to transfer to the deeper muscles, effect is more obvious. Is not all pain is available to watch but the massage gun handling, otherwise may affect the injury. Massage head massage gun with 4 - mostly Six massage head for replacement, the following to introduce the common point and its functions: standard spherical massage head: one of the most common type of massage head, relaxing the muscles can be used daily. Big ball massage head: can use a wide range of massage head, used for big muscles. Used in different positions are not easy to pain. Big 挴 finger massage head: sports centre-backs available this massage head to relieve back pain, lumbar back and spasm tenderness point. Most pointed conical massage head: in the massage head, for smaller muscle, such as the feet and wrist. Suspension type massage head: it is the material the most soft, so after movement of fissure pain, or bones surrounding can be used. Wedge massage head: although looks like shovel, but narrow width first. Function is unique, can scratch the shoulder blade and lateral thigh. Massage can massage massage place gun gun not every part can be used, such as using in the incorrect place might lead to more serious medical problems. Large muscle groups, such as the hips and quadriceps position because of muscle area is large, so is suitable for deep massage, massage the gun can be used in these areas. , muscle thin places, such as shoulder, because may not be affordable to the dominant strength, such as using the gun can cause excessive massage massage dynamics causing painful injury. In addition, joints and ligaments are unfavorable use. Because when the high frequency power to bone, strength rebound to ligament, could eventually overload and injured. After all joint pain can be caused by different reasons, such as cartilage inflammation, abrasion or ligament injury and so on, these reasons cannot be handled through concussion massage, rather than through a stretch or enhanced to improve muscle strength, is necessary to physical therapist for help. In addition to the above, the following parts of the body massage also should avoid to use the gun to massage: carotid artery or femoral artery position: although the artery walls thicker, but constantly under gravity may also be damaged, damaged thrombosis, once the thrombus fall off, with the blood flowing to the brain jam cerebrovascular, can lead to ischemic stroke. Chest: because close to the major organs such as heart and lung, is likely to be hurt. Axillary: armpit is full of lymphoid tissue and nerves, or can make impaired lymphatic inflammation, or injury and nerves, paralysis of the hand. Time massage gun use time is not as long as possible, when too much or too long massage has a chance to hurt. According to massage head and use location, massage time should be in the 5 - In 10 minutes. Such as using the conical massage head, due to spearhead a reedy, distribute the force concentration, use time not more than 5 minutes to avoid injuring organizations; The spherical massage head skin contact area is larger, the strength is average, up to 10 minutes. Muscle inflammation although do not use a massage a gun, but not found any pain when can massage to relieve the gun. Massage a gun can improve muscle soreness, tension strain, etc. But if it is muscle pain and swelling in the red-hot appears after the movement, could be acute inflammation, this is unfavorable use massage guns on the affected area, or it can aggravate the injury. More on foreign brands massage gun recommended TheraGun G3PRO: muscle nervous shock therapy massage gun: the manufacturer of the original expert shock treatment unit up to another level, under the new double speed function make the device turn standard ran at 2400 RPM, and noise reduction of 50%, 60% battery life extension, in the home can be used to charge for a longer time. Eleeels X1 deep muscle massage jar gun: have 2 kinds of massage mode, 6 speeds, four massage head, may be substituted player or applicable generally enjoy massage. Just 5 minutes to help promote blood circulation, eliminate muscle fatigue, pain, more can prevent muscle injury caused by exercise and sedentary. Pro 3 automatic power adjustment deep muscle massage gun: provide four gears, with home since reinforced efforts to adapt to level 30, to lead a more comfortable massage to relax. The other built-in 2400 mah power performance lithium-ion batteries, even use 20 minutes a day can use about half a month. Actually want to relieve the discomfort of muscle after exercise, in addition to need to pull a muscle stretching more than before and after the movement, also might as well in daily life extend bones and muscles. Massage a gun can relax muscle soreness, of course, but also bear in mind that what place do not use! Reprint please indicate the: massage gun guide 2020 more on foreign massage gun to recommend and use 4)
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