Imports of big brand massage gun which good?

by:SUNGPO     2020-12-26
If you massage gun is their own use, will pay more attention to the function, especially gun massage massage dynamics, that is to say, practical function is the highest, slick function dispensable. High quality, technologically advanced massage gun price is relatively high, massage the movement of the gun and intelligent electrical control part will account for a large cost. Rong tai, brand, panasonic, proud, and these are all good ah, are in the market has a higher profile, to buy or you can rest assured. In brand portal buy buy that it also has 10 massage gun brand, good brand is general in the above, have the time can also go to the query to understand. Massage gun can be plugged into electricity, but all functions but failed, what reason be? Try using a remote control cables, and many times is the remote control cables used for a long time, due to poor contact. If not yet changed the line, you are likely to be problems of the remote control itself, or massage the gun motherboard problem. Suggest looking for professional maintenance master to repair, after-sales resolve or looking for a manufacturer. Massage a gun is a real leather? In general massage gun is rarely of genuine leather, all kinds of leather fabrics are not suitable for electric massage guns! Main reasons are as follows: leather care massage guns, leather care massage gun as ms delicate skin, needs to be more careful, or sloppy away to a sample in two days! Poor tensile elongation of leather, leather after repeated tensile wrinkle easily! According to the normal massage need, within a year, a moist leather massage with a gun, will be drawn into a wrinkled old woman, covered can't restore the original compact! Massage and high-end gun adopts special PU leather is generally can be used more than 5 years! For more massage gun related knowledge, please baidu search massage small gun to pay! !
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