If there is any need to buy massage gun? How to buy?

by:SUNGPO     2020-08-20
This massage gun use experience and buying advice. This product use effect is good. This time, all my friends go to play if there is a leg cramps, are all can take out a massage massage gun. If the fitness, the second day will be delayed pain or muscle taut situations, especially for the junior fitness experience muscle joints is very tight, like your muscles to imprison in one place, be a net, you want to open arms is very difficult, is not just a pain there will be a feeling of being bound. Massage gun came at this time, this also is massage gun most primary function, it can help you break the fascia constriction. Make you feel after exercise at ordinary times there will be no exception. 1. Massage massage gun practical role in the past not gun, when after you exercise chest muscle didn't get timely muscle relaxation, the second day you will be a little hunchback. Reason is that you've been in a tight state the chest, the whole body of the first chapter, by the chest to the first half, and then you will have a little hunchback. But now, after your workout to use massage to relax gun, the second day you can maintain a normal body. After a movement to pain or lactic acid accumulation after the pain, the role of the individual feels it is not very ideal. Is it true? Actually otherwise, that's because you're not timely after motion why massage to relax. Massage a gun at the time of use, be sure to massage on muscle, don't to joint or muscle weak place massage, if you don't listen to your advise, massage gun will become the impact hammer. ! ! When using massage gun, yourself is a lot of places can't massage. For relatively flexible was fine, but for those who put their practice of the kind of auxiliary massage may need others bodybuilders. So use massage guns is not applicable. 2. Massage gun for cramps effects such as you play a ball game played crus cramp, USES massage gun is very, very good massage effect. Because muscle fascia in most case, attached to the muscles, suddenly will generate regular contraction. This case, you should hand in a short time to knead it is difficult to massage. Some physical therapist may be in a short time can give massage your muscle cramps, but you may be one person situation is difficult to massage muscle cramps. Very few people have so big of strength fascia massage, but if there is one massage gun, you a person is very easy to operate, the point directly to the vibration on the twitching, in a short time, the effect is very good. Originally massage of choose and buy a gun is used in the recovery of muscle relaxation and fitness after, but in the treatment for muscle cramps can be very good. 3. Massage gun from understanding to the information, price 1000 yuan massage gun roughly the same shape. Difference is actually some personal custom, on the shell color is different. Internal movement of what actually is the same. So people think that 500 and 1000 yuan of massage gun not much difference. If you check, 1000 dollars within massage the appearance of the gun is the same: button is behind the product, the front is pounding head, above is the so-called second generation brushless motor, below is a removable battery, so people think that this price is all some mould machine. Movement is the same, in order to better shape to do a better look at the shell or to a distinguish and other brands. So people give you advice is of choose and buy, according to their own psychological price of less than one thousand RMB to buy. In theory, the price of massage gun is no much difference in performance and quality. 4. Massage the gun range in a treasure, a lot of products claim to have 4 hour range, 6 hours and 8 hours of life. But what would happen in be used actually will not reach the product claims. The beginning, power shows 99%, then 80%, 60%, and so on. Changes that are to be confirmed before the speculation that the mould production. So recommend choosing massage gun, choose 4 hours on the battery life. What version of the long life, it's a little IQ tax on the inside. But in this or that, massage the gun is not IQ, but here is a question of battery life, really don't choose life long version. Reprint please indicate the: necessary to buy massage massage gun gun guide? How to buy? 1)
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