I massage with guns, from first to know

by:SUNGPO     2020-08-21
Hello, everyone! I am pharaoh, today's open sites, this guide is for everyone love fitness movement as well as the demand for massage guns have friends. Here you will get all kinds of massage gun related knowledge, the topic and massage gun to suitable for his needs. Initial remember that don't know what is the year before or after watching South Korea variety show, see Kim jong kook at the gym use 'muscle relaxation gun' ( Afterwards just know is massage 'gun') And has carried on the hip to south Korean artist ha ha massage & # 8230; 。 It is also a massage gun give my first impression, is fun! Didn't think it was the role of, just only feel interested, one treasure to go up and then ran to the universal retrieval, please input the outcome of a no 'massager'; And enter the 'fitness massage' is also not; Finally, when the input 'massage' gun went out, but the retrieved effectively only one interface, as to what brand is unclear, because forgot! Look at the price again, my day more than four thousand, of the NMD! So stop, the last in full search, the result is very poor, the real idea is not really want to buy it, but the germination one another idea: domestic massage gun, because massage when the price of the gun, is impossible to have many domestic consumer buying it, but it was just a thought! Today, look at you to literally with a treasure, is hundreds of thousands, and the price is very attractive. This is me and massage my gun out. To know each other at the time of this year, because working reason, body began to plummeting and don't like gym, long time sitting in front of a computer that his excessive lumbar muscle strain and sacrum edge loss, all day was spent in pain. Just in a sound again, see a fitness enthusiasts in the use of muscle relaxation gun, saw the familiar equipment, did not learn about this is called Lao wang with her comments after massage. Everyone can largely from its literal meaning to learn this kind of relax equipment is through the high frequency vibration to ease relax muscle and fascia, and also can accelerate the blood circulation. You know for a long time sitting position is not can lead to local blood circulation, Lao wang's condition is such. To a treasure to retrieve, massage gun just like bamboo shoots, blossom everywhere, gun is different price of homebred massage, but Lao wang chose HyperIce brands abroad massage guns, although more than three thousand yuan, but Lao wang through the comparison and the analysis of the rational choice. This price is Lao wang less than half a month's salary, although the feeling is at a premium, but maybe not too much; Foreign HyperIce reassuring brand establishment time, domestic massage gun brand set up time is no more than 2 years ( Estimates say more) ; In fact, there is the most important, Lao wang long to use the gun to massage your waist, and massage the sacrum, and to accelerate the blood circulation, so the old king decided to choose the foreign brands. Actually, then pharaoh also bought a few prices in three hundred, six hundred and one thousand domestic brands massage guns, send to relatives and friends, but the best is not the same as the feedback information of each: what noise, life, is too heavy, and so on, one is in use for less than two months it broke the & # 8230; 。 More to know each other, even pharaoh and massage guns, of course, at this moment is in continue to know each other. In the future, Lao wang will massage gun on evaluating the choose and buy, and massage gun knowledge popularization and recommendations. Please move more detailed descriptions of the drive to the home page! Reprint please indicate the: gun guide me and massaging the gun from the first to know each 3)
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