Hundreds of pieces of gun and thousands of pieces of massaging the gun what is the difference?

by:SUNGPO     2020-09-05
Massage gun this thing in the circle of fitness is very popular, both famous stars and actors are starting to use massage a gun, and also slowly into the common people! Massage gun working principle is very simple, through vibration to adjust to relax muscle and fascia. For fitness enthusiasts, the vibration can relieve muscle soreness, avoid lactate accumulation, reduce sports injuries. Massage more and more people begin to pay close attention to and use of the gun, but for this new product must have friends want to ask, massage gun so much on the market, the price of hundreds and thousands of massage guns everywhere, that hundreds of yuan and one thousand yuan of massage gun is there a difference? The answer is: of course! But we really need to focus on is blow when buy frequency, battery life, these point massage head configuration, gear, after-sales service, and select one of the brand. There will be some massage gun in advertising market is very false content, in order to highlight their products, some even write your own massage guns have 9600 r/min, you know now everybody for common 3200 turn has been a bit overwhelming, don't say you can achieve 9600, achieved also few people dare to use! Second, many bad packing, plastic joke, storage capacity of the battery is very poor, charge electricity may only use ten minutes a day the power went out, some even charge to use. Operation when the voice big, massage head is not complete, poor after-sales really a than a dejected. Reprint please indicate the: massage gun guide 'hundreds of pieces of gun and thousands of pieces of massaging the gun what is the difference? 1)
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