Hundreds and thousands of massage is the difference?

by:SUNGPO     2020-08-27
Present throughout the massage gun market is really a piece of the red sea, tipping point estimates, that is, June and July of this year, massage until now to see the price of the gun is also very large span, the postiche less, more then yuan. So span let a lot of friends want to start with massage guns very struggle, struggle with foreign gun why price is in yuan, massage and Chinese massage gun only need a few hundred yuan, moreover in some can cost less than 100 yuan can be a lot of, what is the difference between the two extreme price? Lao wang is a good say, today LiangSanBaiKuai massage massage gun with yuan of foreign gun difference in feeling. Precondition: this discussion is to use only feelings on exactly have the difference, it will not consider the battery life, noise, the use of motors and related factors such as the shell material. Bars precision greatly, so please pay attention! The pharaoh's hands to massage is more than 3000 hypervolt gun as well as more than 100, one is their own, a is a great buy. To tell you the first, massage gun useful? Fascia, we need to relax is to use a foam roller before, and now most of the guns are used to massage, massage so gun is useful. When you want to own after muscle and fascia to relax, massage using guns will be more efficient. The two massage gun price difference so much, really in use will be so many poor feelings? The two basic and key in the appearance, the light is on. How to test? Is to blind test, lying ask others at the same time use the two massage guns on the thigh massage. Test process of pharaoh couldn't show, but the final result is: you really don't feel the prices vary considerably, but feeling doesn't make any difference. So, the final answer is obvious: massage hundreds and thousands of gun on the feeling is there a difference? Lao wang can clear tell you: no! ! ! Reprint please indicate the: massage massage gun gun guide hundreds and thousands have distinction? 8)
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