How to use massage guns to prevent and relieve the sciatica?

by:SUNGPO     2020-09-06
Sciatica is a common the floorboard of the waist and hips to the lower limb pain, usually disease in 25 ~ 45 people. Patients may appear the waist sour hemp, pain and discomfort. Patients with severe cases, pain and even can let hotch. That want to prevent sciatica to do? In fact, in addition to the usual form good posture and avoid other and kyphosis, can try to use household gadgets such as muscle massage gun, cooperate with the human body acupuncture point massage, relieve. Point one: the day of den sciatic nerve mostly in the form of a broad scope, the relative position of the days of point massage can slow down the back muscle strain, reducing the pressure of waist, hip and reduce the occurrence probability of sciatica. Method is around day of acupuncture point massage, can use household muscle gun on the day of acupuncture point massage, massage for about 30 seconds on each side, can self massage 5 - a day 10 times. Point 2: gb 30 roughly in glutes central hole gb 30 points, often sedentary hip pain, you can use the household muscle massage gun in gb 30 hole position shifting around a bit, suggest massage time up to 20 seconds, can change the massage on the other side of the gb 30, 50 minutes per sit you can use this way to slow down the hip pain. Acupuncture point three: wind, hole, hole position is very easy to find, wind in the stand when he lowered his hands, fingertips is referred in the hole, the wind, den self-massage is very simple, self beat/like strong stimulation can use household muscles massage gun, sedentary, beat/massage for 15 ~ 30 times. Reprint please indicate the: massage gun guide on how to use massage guns to prevent and relieve the sciatica? 5)
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