How to use massage gun warm up before running or fitness?

by:SUNGPO     2020-08-31
Warm-up before training or running not only by massage gun, should give priority to with stretching, USES massage gun is complementary. Everyone know training or anaerobic muscle soreness after running and stiffness problem, we will be improved by appropriate massage to ease muscle. , of course, there are a lot of friends all know that, before the start of both aerobic and anaerobic exercise, a certain amount of warm-up is necessary, but also bear some people don't know is that for sports massage and stretch before exercise, exactly what to do to be effective to warm up and activate their muscles, has reached the formal training of sports to reduce the risk of injury, warm-up should be how to use massage gun? Before exercise stretch and massage, the purpose just so 'wake up' muscles. Many people will be in front of the movement, the use of massage massage to ease gun against a particular muscle group, prompting neuromuscular awakened, make muscle energy at any time in the 'fight' the best best. Today to see us is how to use massage with a gun to warm up, before you reach the muscle. As a first step, the buttocks large muscle groups will massage the gun to think yourself comfortable gear vibration gear, without pressure in inverse chronological or hip circle method to awaken gluteal muscle. It is important to note here should avoid muscle thinner pelvic region, and tailbone area and the human body. Then glutes group of wake up, can raise the foot back down again, their feelings about the location of the fascia, then down from the shallow to the deep muscles to do massage. With massage after the gun and gently shake, can feel the change of the leg muscles, confirm whether can stretch more smooth and flexible. Massage time: about 30 seconds to one minute to the second step, carries on the thigh quadriceps and hamstring awaken the anterior thigh quadriceps sensei: should follow the quadriceps muscle fiber texture, in the way of from top to bottom muscle massage, massage on muscle, as far as possible in the whole process of the thighs are. Hamstring in the posterior thigh tends to wake up, because the length of the hamstring is restricted by power, advised the thigh to bend slightly, shift the focus point to the right foot, sitting on a desk and chair, let the foot massage to relax. Note: when you massage, massage head is perpendicular to the muscle to massage guns, gun vibration massage dynamics, is there a way to transfer to the deep muscles. And the massage parts should relax, can achieve a reasonable warm-up effect. Third step, down the muscle fiber to activate the calf muscles from calf, on both sides along the calf muscle, calf is just below the rear, down to the crus inside place, under the above massage method, follow the direction of the muscle fascia to do massage, every muscle groups to thirty seconds to one minute. Common problems - when using massage guns to prevent sore feeling for a long time to know to use massage where the strength of the gun when, need to understand the feeling of the body. When using massage gun, shouldn't let their own muscles feel discomfort or sore, the emphasis should be mainly in the sense of 'warm up' your muscle. Actually want muscle activation, as long as through the slight vibration massage gun, muscle skin touch is enough, because the muscle fascia receptors, accept to massage gun frequency stimulation, will feel to our nervous system and spinal nerve, spinal nerve place will naturally have a signal, message of the body 'to start the fitness movement'. Use massage gun after the warm-up, the proposal back to run the court, feel oneself body, muscles are all open 'muscle'! Reprint please indicate the: massage before running or fitness of gun guide how to warm up with massage gun? 5)
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