How to use massage gun to shoulder muscles relax massage method

by:SUNGPO     2020-08-31
Good good, know a lot of people waiting for this issue about using a shoulder massage massage gun relaxation methods tutorial. But before you start to say: have to ban the use of periarthritis of shoulder massage massage. There is massage gun for stiff shoulder muscles relax effect was very obvious. The muscles of the neck shoulder a massage, so we know the neck shoulder is composed of two larger cluster. One is our trapezius muscle, and another is the shoulder muscles. The two muscles can lift of our shoulders, can also be responsible for our shoulder arms up some exercise. PS: the neck muscle by the trapezius muscle, shoulder levator, splenius head and head half spinalis these major muscles. So this time for long-term sedentary office frequently, neck shoulder a crowd of muscle tension, so today can use massage my gun how to relax the shoulder muscles, to avoid long-term makes neck and shoulder muscles tight and then developed into the periarthritis of shoulder. First you meet this position of two muscles trapezius muscle under the traditional common sense you just think trapezius muscle is under the neck over the shoulder blade, and the muscles of the hand can touch, but the body of the rhombic muscle mass is very big. Trapezius muscle from our neck above along the spine to the last section we thoracic vertebra. That is the part of the cervical and thoracic are our starting point of the trapezius muscle. And muscle fibers to shoulder this end gathering together in the forefront of clavicle, shoulder peak part of the lateral and shoulder blade, a part of the shoulder blades are trapezius muscle end position, so to see the whole of the trapezius muscle volume is very big. Upper trapezius muscle is divided into central muscle fibers, fibers and lower muscle fibers. In daily life the most tense is the upper trapezius muscle fibers. So the first to use massage gun handling the upper portion of the trapezius muscle fibers. Shoulder blade and trapezius muscle levator it can put the shoulder blades together lift movement. Its location will be relatively small, it is a slender muscles. Shoulder muscles from the cervical lateral growth down, we shoulder blades to the position of the Angle. It is closed by shoulder blades in responsible for trapezius muscle is responsible for the outside the body's shoulder blades. Use massage gun how massage shoulder muscles so for this two muscles loose solution we will give preference to use gun flat wide of massage head, massage comb to wide upper trapezius muscle fibers. Find some pain points, we will try to change some point to point massage head and to release the pain points further. Note: when using massage gun release shoulder muscles, to avoid the scapula and clavicle and occipital location. Release the shoulder muscle group, we should use idle hands first find human shoulder shoulder peak clavicle and scapula about location, then massage gun can be posted on our hands, in the inside of the trapezius muscle release. First partial lateral to the neck gradually from the shoulder root to complete, do a short stay in position close to the neck, just like mine to and fro. Will be used throughout the trapezius muscle massage gun range of comb, trapezius muscle pain is very easy to appear the position of the point is located in the neck of biased towards the root position. This is also the most people often appear problem, and if cell phones and electronic devices with more at ordinary times, neck and shoulder also can appear muscle strains. So for we will replace a massage head pain area, choose relatively sharp spear to more pain nodules in the trapezius muscle to deal with the point to point. Comb, at this moment we don't need wide because before has conducted a range. Generally find pain point, it is ok to stay for 30 seconds. Use massage gun next to carry on the shoulder of the levator release because levator shoulder blade is long, and some of the muscle fibers in the part of the on the side of the cervical spine, this is not a good deal with massage use guns, but the shoulder levator second half we can use massage to release the gun. From the ears for upper back position is the position of the shoulder blades Angle, it is also a shoulder of the levator muscle attachment points. This point is often appear some pull and ache feeling, use massage guns along the shoulder blades Angle and close to the neck area to complete the release. Because of the shoulder blade levator is a strip of muscle, so choose the sharp massage head of muscle fibers to comb. Massage a gun that is used for the shoulder muscles loose lower solution method and tutorials. In gun with massage massage to relax the shoulder should be attention: not excessive pressure massage hammer gun in our body, at the same time should pay attention to when massage to relax around the shoulder bones don't strike. Reprint please indicate the: massage USES massage gun gun guide how to shoulder muscles relax massage method 7)
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