How to use massage fitness artifact gun?

by:SUNGPO     2020-09-05
Fitness ethos improvement in recent years, with the popularity of health concept, many people began to pursue strong and handsome body. Go to the gym, fitness meals, through diligence ourselves, and to achieve personal goals. As more and more people require professional, even after exercise muscle repair, have special 'massage' gun subsidies. But massage gun is not all, can be used in the wrong place, could not let loose, also can be injured. Using fitness artifact 'massage' gun, must pay attention to the matter. Massage through rapid shaking the head in front of the gun, to massage training after tight muscles, can effectively achieve soothing feelings. Special note, however, gun only suitable for massaging the 'big muscle group' parts of the body, if in the meat less parts such as neck, spine, could pour ligament or bones. Can oppress, even on the neck to the blood, produce symptoms of dizziness. Spinal injuries to massage, can do a different point change, massage and to follow a fixed direction. But remind you, don't because something special ache, can directly take massage my gun to strengthen pain points, they can cause nerve or muscle. The best treatment is a sore point around as do vibration massage spot, or help the doctor directly. Function only in soothing and relaxing massage gun, if you have sore questions or want to find a professional doctor visits, don't put the massage gun as a cure all ills, if there is a careless operation, press in the wrong place can also cause the body needs to take more damage, don't bargain. Reprint please indicate the: massage massage fitness artifact gun gun guide how to do? 1)
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