How to use home massage science gun?

by:SUNGPO     2020-12-18
Household massage gun is very popular now, family massage gun is the use of machinery rolling power and force for massage, kneading massage soothes the body meridian, accelerate blood circulation, balance of Yin and Yang, make the person feel muscle relaxation after massage, flexible j point correction. The individual also has a lot of spirit, massage plays an important role to maintain health, so the massage gun market development prospect is still very good. After buying massage guns, however, some people should not understand family massage gun, gun use undeserved cause massage, cause harm to the body, so how to scientifically use household massage my gun? Below we will come and take you home massage gun manufacturers understand understand. Before using family massage guns opened the massage cushion check wheel walking part of the fabric, see if there are damaged, if there is damage, cannot use. Before using family massage gun, you should pay attention to it. Remove hair accessories and other sharp objects, lest cause scratches when using massage gun accident. Use massage guns don't be nervous, keep calm and relaxed. Home use massage guns can be adjust according to oneself circumstance, such as massage strength is too small, cannot achieve the ideal effect of massage, and the intensity of massage will cause physical fatigue, muscle pain, etc. , so the massage strength should be from weak to strong, from light to heavy. If the neck and shoulder massage is not strong, can take back massage cushion, rather than use the cushion. This method is only suitable for young people. If you feel uncomfortable when using household massage gun, you should stop using it. Don't massage after meal or drinking, so as to avoid injury or accident. According to the using situation of dealing with the need to leave a massage gun items, stops household massage the operation of the gun to leave the seat. In the process of massage feet or legs gun reset, please don't forced to stand up, lest cause accident or injury. Want to know other information please go to the next article: how to clean and maintain massage gun? A: select the home massage guns must pay attention to what issues?
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