How to maintenance home massage gun

by:SUNGPO     2020-12-18
Along with the development of The Times, people for the comfort of life is more and more attention, so home massage gun has become the choice of many consumers, but many people buy used, but ignore its maintenance, greatly discount massage gun in real life, how to maintain the massage massage guns below us household gun manufacturer to help you to understand the points: 1, reduce the move: massage the volume and weight of the gun, internal parts and structure is complex. Recommended not to often move. Because a little bumpy will harm the massage gun. Recommend before buying household massage gun, keep massage guns in the home position. After purchase, the product will be placed in position. After massage guns will not be easy to move. This is an important step to protect and maintain the massage gun. 2, special things: massage gun's main function is to give priority to provide massage services, mainly to provide a short rest. It is best not to let the kids jumping and playing on it, not to put heavy articles in the massage on the gun and sharp objects. 3, regular cleaning, massage on the gun used soft dry cloth, dust and hair brush or a vacuum cleaner to remove, and then clean with soft cloth, if the leather is recommended for practical neutral detergent. 4, put environment: massage gun should be kept in dry, ventilated room, don't let the sun. Do not use a massage gun on damp or sunshine good environment. Household massage gun is very popular now, family massage gun is the use of machinery rolling power and force for massage, kneading massage soothes the body meridian, accelerate blood circulation, balance of Yin and Yang, make the person feel muscle relaxation after massage, j point flexible, eliminate fatigue, correct. The individual also has a lot of spirit, massage health care plays an important role to maintain health, so the massage gun market development prospect is still very good. Want to know other information please go to the next: health benefits as well as the limitations of traditional pedicure pedicure machine on an article: gun manufacturers teach you massaging the working principle of the gun
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