How to identify home massage gun quality is good or bad?

by:SUNGPO     2020-12-18
Can see a lot of people at the mall or station sharing massage gun, after finish massage massage for gun feel generally, but some people to massage gun stores to after the experience, is praise to household gun of massaging the feeling, is this why? Below we will come and take you home massage gun manufacturers understand understand. Actually Shared massage gun set is suitable for the public, massage the way also is relatively single, the massage massage gun gun store price of some high though, but the power of massage and massage can be choice, massage nature will be better, if you want to enjoy in the home. By massage, massage can purchase a family gun in the home, how to judge the massage gun is good or bad? Below we will come and take you home massage gun manufacturers understand understand. Massage a gun. Full performance is very important, because massage gun is the electrical appliances direct contact with the human body, so relatively safe is more important to choose a good brand of massage gun, the good brand massage guns are through national authoritative testing institutions inspection of qualified products, and the complete plastic shell, the power supply plug is for the two levels of massage equipment, this is Ann. The whole. Precision mechanical structure of the massage gun when use won't have too much of a voice, if it is too much noise when used in massage gun, it shows that massage gun motor power is not enough, the inside of the mechanical structure is not enough precise, such massage gun have a higher chance of failure. Want to know other information please go to the next: do you know how to massage the choose and buy a gun? When placed on a: household massage gun what matters need attention
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