How to clean and maintain the massage gun?

by:SUNGPO     2020-12-18
As people's health and quality of life the importance of changing, household massage gun as a high-end health care equipment into many of the home. Massage a gun is a veritable large household appliances. What should you massage gun clean and maintenance, the following household massage gun manufacturers take you know we know. Massage gun cleaning before cleaning, please watch the power switch is closed, the power plug has been pulled out from the socket. Regular cleaning can use soft dry cloth to clean the dust and dirt. If there is dirt, and appropriate neutral detergent with warm water ( Do not use thinner, gasoline, alcohol and other chemicals) Wet and dry soft cloth, and soak in the water and soft cloth to wipe clean fluid twist dry, dry, then use dry cloth to make them dry naturally. Here we are. Gun maintenance, continuous use 1 massaging the gun after 30 minutes, let the machine rest for 15 minutes, can change the life of the machine. 2, do not use massage gun on the bathroom damp or balcony lamp sunlight environment, should be placed in dry and ventilated environment, avoid direct sunlight into indoor, so don't let the massage gun premature aging, to reach the service life of massage gun. How long is the service life of massage gun? How to maintain? 3, when not in use, please do not put the weight on the massage the gun, and don't place the sharp objects, so as not to scratch massage gun. In addition, children with children should not let the children jumped into the game. 4, if long time don't use massage gun, can cover machine with dust cover, prevent drop into the dust. 5, after each use, gun back, legs massaging the reset. 6, calf massage to light, don't press, sit, step. Want to know other information please go to the next: household massage gun how to choose and buy? In an article: how to use domestic scientific massage gun?
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