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How to choose a massage gun?

There are a lot of massage guns on the market now, ranging from hundreds to thousands, but how to choose, what type of fitness players need.

Now massage guns generally come with four or six massage heads.Flat, small round and large round heads are suitable for relaxation of systemic muscles and the spine head for massage of the spine.The bullet was intended to target the plate point.The massage gun choice looks at these three points.

1. Resistance frequency

When the machine stops running, we will apply pressure on the massage head. If the massage gun is easily stuck, that is, the resistance frequency is not enough, the massage gun relaxation frequency is lower than a specific value, it can not play a good relaxation effect.

2.Hardness and hairy margin of the 2. massage head

Massage head due to the different material selection and production technology, there will be a soft and hard thickness, with the thumb to press the sponge head, if there is no elasticity.Be careful not to rub your skin when using it.

3.Sound of the motor while running

Each massage gun relies on vibration to relax its muscles.Since the core parts are rotating, when the massage gun runs, the internal parts do not match or rough, the sound will become loud, and will be shaking, the shelf life will be short, and may not be usable in 3 months; and too loud will also affect others.

You can combine these 3 points to choose the massage gun, for other points can not need for attention, what Bluetooth connection, these are not needed, the massage gun is just used to relax the muscles, as long as it can achieve this effect, then it is good.

What kind of person needs a massage gun?

1. competitive needs

For example, a boxer, or a soccer player, can relax his muscles with a massage gun during the break, prevent injury and have better athletic performance.

2.Assisted use of the rehabilitation therapist

Rehabilitation therapist refers to the person who is qualified, has learned and thought about knowledge, has obtained relevant certificates or knows how to perform rehabilitation treatment, not to say that which muscle is weak, which muscle is tight, and needs certain knowledge for professional treatment.

3. high-intensity trainer

In the gym some barbell trainers because of the high intensity training, muscle soreness, general stretching and relaxation of foam shaft unable to deeply relieve and relax muscles, massage gun can arguably be a good choice.The general massage gun has 3 different gears, for different degrees of muscle relaxation, some expensive fascia guns will have 5 more gears, designed for professionals.And some other exercise and fitness people, ordinary attention to stretching and other relaxation activities can meet a rest of our muscles.

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