How to choose home massage gun

by:SUNGPO     2020-12-18
The best is 1 - home massage gun 2 w this time interval, thousands of don't suggest, why? One is through massage we may not exist in place, some of the different parts of the massage, massage 2 it is uncomfortable, three is a lot of service quality problems may be poor. Here's how to choose massage gun introduce ~ 1, guide to talk directly to thousands of rail, whether it is straight, the direction of this type of track is bad, SL - is the best Rail, can consider in the neck, waist, hips, thighs, basically you can massage the whole body. In length about 130 cm railway. Second, the movement, or a manipulator speak out directly, 8 d, 16 d are false advertising, only 2 d and 3 d, 3 d better, closer to the hand massage, up and down the left and right sides, front and back massage, massage can control the speed and strength, is currently the mainstream. 。 Third, zero gravity as the massage feeling of weightlessness in space, mainly refers to the legs and waist, Angle of 126 ° in the form of (between the knees at the top of the heart ±7°) 。 Four 1, massage service program, function, nature is the more the better, can meet the needs of different students. 2. The function of the hot compress, cooperate to massage will be more comfortable, generally is the waist, thighs and other position, but general massage can only consider one or two gun position. 。 3, the auxiliary function of sleep, it can join, but the speed is not low domestic insomnia, sleep is helpful to some useless functions, or some may be, have this kind of demand can have a good look at. Fifth, use according to comfortable do not represent can use comfortable! Mainly is the design of the leg and foot, leg need to scale, because of the leg length of everybody is different, the foot is generally roller, had better make the foot surface is bigger. At the same time, the foot also need to accept put, this also is a different person and legs. Six, certification bodies or related certificate to have this to have more quality assurance, massage, after all, the price of the gun effects can buy cheap ah ~ when we try to keep looking.
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