How to choose, and massage gun, different price?

by:SUNGPO     2020-09-02
More than 3000, more than 1000 and hundreds of massage guns, different price should how to choose? The king brought three horizontal face than massage gun, a 3000 yuan, a more than 1000 and the hundreds of dollars a year in different brands of products. First of all tell you it's role is to relax the muscle fascia, accelerate the metabolism of lactic acid and deep massage, some places not to you a massage. Basically, massage a gun the three major functions. Why not massager? Make an image of the metaphor, massager is a three-year-old child massage on you. The massager is in massage, but have the effect? Massage to make you satisfied? Massage gun, which is a 30 years old of adults, in give you a massage that is really cool. This is the massage massage instrument with a gun, a difference between! But why not foam roller? Foam roller is made of luxury into the economy, how to say? When you run the calf is very ache, using foam rollers for relaxation and effect can relax effect, but you want to achieve so you have to hold hands, that support the weight of the body in his hands, not when assigned to foam rollers on the legs, your hands are very uncomfortable. You already very tired, don't want to tired want to lay there, it is better to find someone to massage. But you can't always find someone else to help you massage! This time you will need a gun can be easier then massage, and then use the use the from luxury into frugal difficult! Then what on earth is to choose, more than 3000 or 1000, or massage gun hundreds of yuan again? Lao wang's hand under the first introduction of this a few massage gun, a called, is a brand, the other is massage gun. Is the product price: massage gun, worth more than 3000, and are all homemade. Cheaper price is always good, weight: say weight again, why do you say weight, or with you in my hand when carrying out the lighter the better, isn't it? The weight of 1. 2 kg, 0. The weight of 94 kg and is 0. 88 kilograms. Massage head: American gun four massage massage head; Domestic four massage head; Domestic ESPON have six massage head. Gear: like manual cars, there are three gear is respectively 1800, 2400 and 3200 RPM; There are five gear design, respectively 1400, 1800, 2100, 2500 and 3200 RPM. ESPOM has three gear, but the speed without annotation. Decibel noise: the noise is very important, when you run or training, relaxing massage some people are in the night, lying in bed at night, muscles feel good acid ah, if noise is very big hand massage guns will make you very irritable. Then pharaoh's hands: how much is the a few decibels massage guns? Biggest gear 69 decibels of noise; The 64 db; ESPON71 decibels. As quiet as possible, of course, in the aspect of noise control to win! Among these three massage gun, personal subjective feeling 'expensive' have a point: massage a gun like a big old beauty publish or perish to meat, and the strength is very outrageous. In massage to relax muscle, the strength is very strong; ; she is like a touch deep massage, the massage open gun to the first gear when its strength is relatively soft, but when you want a real strength, this massage gun will play at the highest gear real capability of the massage therapist, that is to say, this kind of massage gun is when you want it to output it, hope it gentle when it gently; Another is the largest ESPON voice, it is like to wash feet store wash feet for little sister, a little bit less, it can also be about 40 minutes massage, but always feel a little poorer, less strength massage apprentice. Finally, grass for all of us: if you are not bad money, you can choose massage guns; If it is like running the office white-collar like Lao wang, choose massage gun is absolutely right! Reprint please indicate the: massage gun guide, and massage guns, different price should how to choose? 6)
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