How to choose and buy massage gun?

by:SUNGPO     2020-12-16
The Spring Festival coming, a lot of per capita in as parents prepare gifts. So the choice of massage gun to most people. So, massage gun useful? What effect to have it all? Exactly how should choose? Today, massage gun manufacturers with you about this problem. Have a friend need to jump. Currently on the market, there are many different brands of massage guns, how should choose? In fact, equipped with massage gun and easy, if we can catch the following a few, think you can buy some contentment of it. Massage gun works? Massage a gun is used for people tired, sitting on the following open fitness machines. For a short time work and study, the circulation of the blood chang - massage - - , improve the waist sour backache and to prevent disease, also can improve sleep quality, improve posture and exercise care. Massage gun really works? For years after sitting on computer or office white-collar personage inside with older people, it is relatively new. People can through the massage massage for a long period of time to rest, gun massage gun can alleviate pain, mood letting a person happy. What function can massage the gun? Mechanical massage massage guns and artificial fitness is different, it still has a few contact, but can choose the action of acupuncture point, the point is similar to an artificial massage, just follow the 'rubbing, kneading action. Massage devices currently on the market have fitness and techniques of kneading, fitness, back swing fitness function, refers to the fitness, pressure oscillation fitness, hip air pressure fitness, calf fitness, fitness program manually open and close with the foot frame, and other functions, can meet the different needs of users. Currently on the market, there are many different brands of massage guns, how should choose? In fact, equipped with massage gun and easy, if we can catch the following a few, think you can buy some contentment of it. How to matching massage gun? See appearance as a mirror of the massage the appearance of the gun, delicate symbol is the manufacturer for the brand attitude and the reliability of the manufacturer. Consumers in selected according to the chair, must pay attention to details according to the work of the chair. Neck in neck fit why look fit? Due to massage gun that key is for the neck massage, massage a gun for a neck massage kneading or not, this is very critical. Proposed a user in matching according to the chair, as leading to a department store feel bad as poor. See massage guns to the size of the mechanical noise is divided into two kinds: metal and plastic metal machine core products with high noise and short service life, the service life of plastic machine most significantly higher than that of metal machine, also a slight noise, but widely by west low price, the price is quite high by west. Is the same type ( The same for metal or plastic) , the noise is small massage gun external mechanical clearance size, after severe will become more and more closely. See household coordination matching the gun must be considerations massaging the gun in the house with the whole environment coordination, otherwise, be massage gun all aspects are very good, as long as and the coordination of whole household is good, such as highlighted what color, appearance is very good-looking, also think you would buy. Account household can have a lot of coordination needs to consider the factors, such as massage, gun color, size, etc. , it can be based on personal subjective feeling. See after-sales service from the current market situation, usually stores ( Contain physical stores and online mall) After-sales service and security is good, the service of other different merchants praise there is a difference, in contrast to choose appropriate own is bad. When consumer is to sell products, some want to ensure that merchants can get service and all kinds of security. There are, I forget to invoice! What man is suitable for massage gun? Despite the removal of the effect of pain massage gun, but is all appropriate use. Such as gorger fit to adopt, drug use, or excessive fatigue, heart disease, hypertension and nor used in patients with bone texture, due to the fact that massage ball rolling massage gun will accelerate the blood circulation, difficult to create the conditions such as heart disease. Bone quality in patients with bone itself has been as a calcium deficiency state, long after the illness is not easy to improve, according to the pressure and can lead to dislocation. In addition, because massage guns are usually body fitness, local skin damage and nor used in patients with tuberculosis, zhongliu, in case of severity. Because massage gun can cause electromagnetic wave, has said the pregnant woman use can lead to pregnancy, birth deformities after good consequences, such as environment expert points out, because the international didn't also the aspects such as electromagnetic waves cause miscarriage conclusions above, but as it is not. However, pregnant women should be careful understanding of electromagnetic wave products. Next: what is the difference between the prices are different massage gun? A: no
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