How to choose and buy massage gun?

by:SUNGPO     2020-12-17
How to choose and buy massage gun? Massage massage professional r &d and production gun gun for 27 years, mainly produces household massage, massage, massage, massage gun gun gun gun and electric massage gun and other products, welcome to order now on the market sell massage guns are ling lang see everywhere, but the quality is uneven, in order to let everyone can buy gratified flexibly massage gun, here to help you analyze the matters needing attention and how to choose and buy massage massage guns of choose and buy the gun, hope to be of help. 1, brand, brand choice is the easiest and most effective. Authentic international brands have OSIM, Fuji, panasonic and any source of American or European brands are all false foreign devil. Domestic brands at origin, fujian is generally low level of supply chain, guangdong guangdong average, such as massage, Shanghai ( Suzhou) The optimal supply chain for producing area ( Japanese massage gun full contract manufacturing in Shanghai) 。 2, groups: young people ( Middle-aged) With the demand for products in the elderly is certainly different. The young man needs fast relaxation and decompression, old people is to cultivate one's morality soothe feelings. Mainly on the design and program setting. For now, the general price to distinguish between the two levels: design fashion (low and middle 6000 - 15000). Suitable for young people ( Middle-aged) Fully functional (collect inside, composed More than 16000) Suitable for elderly and gifts. 3, look at quality: run if quiet is an important index, good massage gun voice must be smaller, the noise big massage guns must be mechanical structure is rough, quality not good. Don't doubt it. 4, massage gun size: when choosing massage gun should choose a massage commensurate with their guns. If it is too big or too small can't make massage my gun to the corresponding parts of the body massage. 5, fabrics: because of the different fabrics, the corresponding price is different also. Everyone know massage gun of fabrics on the market generally is leather, but you don't know what is the skin leather, some with leather, or leather, this is we often say that the leather. The same leather also is to have class, good leather and not good. Good PU leather, soft to the touch, abrasion resistance and compressive property is good, fingernails scraping is a trace. Some easy desquamate, peel, after a long time also will be torn apart. Currently accepted good leather are imported PU leather, the quality of the domestic big discounts. How to choose and buy massage gun? The year before to massage my parents bought a gun, I am a little busy work at ordinary times. Take care of my parents are very few, parents ability to walk is not convenient, not too much time for exercise at ordinary times, had a massage gun can massage at home at ordinary times, loosen body and mind, also can promote the blood circulation, I usually go to see my parents, also tried several times, it feels good, function is my experience on the market the most complete. It was bought on the net, workers to home. In the store before I tried several brands, finally bought, feel most comfortable to sit on. After all, is not a small number. However, in a few years, don't have any problem. Now my parents every day, I'm used to it.
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