How to choose and buy electric massage gun?

by:SUNGPO     2020-12-16
First is inside the machine, because inside the machine has a lot of gear and bearing, and the machine after friction will be fever, and the internal gear of the machine must be metal, some of the gear on the market with plastic, you can imagine it's life will not be too long. The second is some massage heads inside, some massage head use inferior silica gel, rather than a medical silica gel. Combined with massage heads on the job are in contact with the body, will inevitably produce friction contact, this to yourself. The third is the fabric, because of the different fabrics, the corresponding price is different also. No known massage guns are ordinary leather fabrics on the market, but they did not understand what is the skin of leather, some with leather, or leather, this is we often say that the leather, the same is also rich leather, good leather and not good. Good PU leather, soft to the touch, abrasion resistance and compressive property is good, fingernails scraping is a trace. Some easy desquamate, peel, after a long time also will be torn apart. Currently accepted are imported leather PU leather, the quality of the domestic big discounts. The fourth is the whole machine material, some machines with plastic shell, while others use glass reinforced plastics is made and be become. Generally know FRP both hardness and high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance on better than plastic. Among the common problem is the above several, above several basic it is we can't see. In the end I still that sentence, must be chosen, bought is easier than to back again. Buy buy a giant, guaranteed, really wrong or said. Especially to choose long warranty time, perfect. For more massage gun related knowledge, please baidu search massage small gun to pay! !
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