How to choose a suitable for their own use massage gun

by:SUNGPO     2020-12-18
As the quality of life has increased, more and more people begin to pay attention to the experience of high quality life. As usual we massage with the gun in the home, not only can ease the work of fatigue, daily life in the cervical spine problems can also be caused by the bad habits is relaxed, USES the massage gun at ordinary times are difficult to sleep sleep quality has improved a lot. Massage gun type on the market is various, different function use, how to choose, then tell me how to choose a suitable for their own massage with the gun. First choose the professional, quality assured brand, after-sales could save a lot of things, in the late second see you need a massage function, and then massage gun core parameter, finally the appearance level. Massage gun of the key parameters of choose and buy: movement, guide rail length, zero gravity movement: 4 d > 3 d > 2 d > 1 d ( Choose to order) As the name implies, D can be understood as a dimension or freedom, 1 D can't move, 2 D from top to bottom and move around, the 3 D can move up and down or so at the same time can also scale before and after 4 D in 3 D on the basis of expanding the scope of the massage, in fact is the upgrade to 3 D, gimmick massage experience closer to reality. Guide rail length: according to the length of the array type SL > S > straight guide rail, guide rail, the longer the length of massage range is wider. Straight guide rail way is the simplest way of massage, poor experience, on the market have been eliminated, direct Pass; S guide is mainly responsible for the shoulder and neck massage, stroke: 60 cm - About 80 cm, the price is concentrated in 5000; Is currently the most advanced SL type double guide rail, S segment joint neck lumbar, L segment joint hips and legs, stroke: 100 cm 135 cm, full-body massage mergers and acquisitions, experience the effect is good, price is generally at around 10000. Zero gravity: refers to the human body gravity lost, a little bit like floating in space. Under the zero gravity massage experience better, now good point massage gun with this feature. Besides the above three options and some necessary details need to be considered, such as surface skin preferred PU leather, durable good do, just use a decade eight years is no problem. Whether intelligent function aspect, can massage strength adjustment, etc. Early when the choose and buy done sufficient strategy selected a few, big brand, experience the effect is good, everyone can be a reference of choose and buy.
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