How to choose a good massage gun?

by:SUNGPO     2020-12-18
Nowadays, more and more people in the sub-health state, health is facing more and more severe challenge, it is convenient and practical, household massage gun has become more and more popular. However, in the process of purchase, many friends will find massage guns on the market price is very different. What is the difference between spreads and spreads? Below we guangdong massage gun manufacturers to bring you to understand you'll understand. A, massage effect first of all, we want to know what you are doing massage gun in, of course, massage! Therefore, massage massage effect of the gun and comfort reflects its quality. Massage is like drinking water, affair, comfortable not only their most clearly, the easiest way is to experience a physical storage. Low quality massage gun massage experience very stiff, loud and clear, the massage process also uncomfortable. It's not a very good relaxation effect not only, and can cause physical pain. Good home massage gun is designed according to the principle of ergonomics. Use 3 d more intelligent motion, L long rail, automatic size detection, etc. , the body massage is also very comfortable, can achieve very good massage effect. Second, the material of low quality massage guns often use wooden frame, do not wear inferior leather and low cost motor, these will affect the service life of the massage gun. In addition, the low quality massage massage head of gun is very hard, and a massage head massage gun USES high quality silicone material, flexible, long service life, soft, close to hand. A massage gun finished products, need movement, circuit boards, steel, leather, plastic injection mold parts together, such as the cost of these parts, plus the cost of mold and research and development, eventually determines the ex-factory price of the massage gun. After all, a luxury car driving experience and low-end cars driving experience is different, the price also cannot treat as the same. Want to know other information please go to the next: place home massage gun what matters need attention when a: do you know this massage of choose and buy a gun?
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