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How to choose a good massage gun

How to choose a good massage gun


Whether it's working out, buying food or at work, you can always see people take out a fascia gun, where they are sore and beaten.What do you like about the fascia guns?Is it lighter, smaller, or more powerful and longer lasting?Usually, you choose the fascia gun to compare the index parameters on the page, choose the parameters, price, good appearance of the products, but do you know, the publicity materials of the fascia gun is not credible.

Range: many people think that the longer the range, the better, in fact, there is not wrong, the longer the user can get more happiness... But in fact, this is not the case. The length of battery life is limited by the size of the fascia gun and the current battery level, and everyone's range level will not differ too much, usually within a few hours.All products with batteries do not mention the battery brand is not responsible for consumers, Soungpo uses Zhuoneng 18650, a long service life.

Speed .Speed is also one of the indicators placed by many fascia gun manufacturers. The higher the speed of the product, the easier you are to see the description of the indicator in text and picture publicity, instead, another content that really should be mentioned- -torsion, but is ignored.The name of the fascia gun may not be known to some third-rate manufacturers: a portable deep muscle massage.Fast speed at most shows that the number of shocks, but the high torque can go deep into the muscle fascia layer, the small fist hammer a hundred times is not as good as a serious blow a deep blow.

Sound: If you do not want to disturb others when using a massage gun, it is particularly important to choose low noise.Generally the noise of the small massage gun is below 50 decibels, the large massage gun is at 65 decibels, the Sungpo massage gun small massage gun at 45 decibels, the large fascia gun at 65 decibels.Even in the evening, it will not affect others' rest.

Motor.Motor is the core factor affecting the fascia gun. The motor is divided into two brush motor and brushless motor.Brush motor with large noise, poor stability, low safety, easy to heat, short life; brushless motor has small noise, high stability, high safety, not easy to heat, and long life.And the cheap fascia gun on the market, basically use a brush motor, and even some fascia gun uses the motor in the decoration tool, or low inferior motor, not specifically for the human body, also the lack of overheating protection mechanism, even may explode when in use, cause harm to the human body.So the things used in the body or safety as the first, high-quality products can accompany you to go further, but also more assured to use.

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