How to buy the right massage gun?

by:SUNGPO     2020-12-16
It is estimated that more than 60% of the people will have a neck ache, as the people using mobile phone computers, greatly increases the time driving, the number increased year by year, and younger. Appropriate use of massage, can effectively alleviate physical fatigue neck ache, massage gun using bionic professional massage technique, can adapt to different people, the more pressure adjustment, don't like massage yard is difficult to adapt to, buy a put in the home, can enjoy anytime and anywhere. But the Internet has a wide variety of massage gun, large span price, how to correctly choose a massage gun? Here is some advice for reference only see a brand words, called 'believe in the power of the brand', needless to say, the benefits of the product brand everybody before the next decision through various channels to know about the brand, including brand strength and reputation, and so on. Recommend some big brands: here, proud, Westinghouse, Mr. Wah, Japan Fuji machine core movement is the core of the massage gun, now a good massage gun usually choose 2 d / 3 d movement ( 3 d movement now on the market is less) Deeper, massage, it can realize up and down, left and right sides, front and back of the three-dimensional massage. Should pay attention to is that some of the massage guns also propaganda is a 2 d / 3 d movement, it's not the real 3 d, real 3 d massage machine gun, because of the cost price is in commonly 10000 above. Massage head, it is recommended that the choice of silicone and not choose rubber, because the silicone massage head has good elasticity, long service life, soft, very close to the people. See the guide on the market that 3000 yuan of the following massage gun is no guide rail, price up, massage with s-shaped rail gun, can better fit the back curve, stroke in 60-80 cm, the disadvantage is that not massage the hips and thighs; Current mainstream ten thousand yuan basic for massage machine gun type L or SL, stroke above 100 cm, can massage to the hips and thighs. See the guide rail is good or bad, one of the most simple rule: the longer the guide rail, the better low noise once said a friend to buy massage a little big gun voice, ask the customer service is normal phenomenon, in fact, massage gun to mute test before they go out, the voice big massage gun is unqualified product, so when the choose and buy should pay more attention to, if it is higher than that of 55 db massage gun, at the time of use may be noisy to your massage experience. See program function because each person's body structure is different, the demand for massage, so the requirement of the program function is diverse, it is better to more service using the crowd, and to match with the manual mode and automatic mode, so that is the most comfortable for you to. The comfort because everyone can have different understanding of comfort, the factors affecting comfort is important: the cortex ( Should choose professional PU leather, non-toxic harmless, before using the rest assured) ; Zero gravity, Massage a gun, must be equipped with zero gravity function) ; Program ( A variety of programs to find the most suitable for their own way to massage) See after massage gun as a high-end products, including the electronic instrument, seat material, software program, the what if out of the question, whether the door maintenance, had better choose to have powerful entities operating brand massage guns. This article refer to the first in a word, massage gun as large products, must be carefully when buy, I hope everyone can buy the most suitable massage gun!
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