How much is a household massage gun?

by:SUNGPO     2020-12-17
Below we massage gun manufacturers will take you to understand to know how much money a household massage gun? In this era of faster and faster pace of life, every day trudging home become the norm, more and more people are in a state of sub-health, so the chair is also more and more popular. The chair on market, however, dazzling, household chair how much money a? Why chair price difference so big? S first, main now, go out shopping tired, be able to store t for experience sharing of armchair, a hit, come down, the body can really feel at ease. If want to understand this kind of feeling in the home, add a electric chair, is also a good investment, mainly through the way such as mechanical and electrical, electronic electric chair imitate manpower, tapping technique, 0 fixed place and acupuncture points, to t, flow of qi and blood, and eliminating acid etc. How to choose and buy of himself and his family household chairs, and raw material, structure, function, etc. Various facial needs understanding and investigation. 1 electric household safety chair is direct touch with the human body electric appliance, sex is the factors to consider when the choose and buy. Come into force as of January 1, 2010's 'the safety of household and similar use electrical appliances in special requirements is at present our country appliance produced according to the system of standards. Machine before for sale in our country, must through the quality inspection department inspection, for example, to see if the leakage, whether use hidden trouble, etc. Thus, when choosing chair, consumer s first to see whether the product is produced for the enterprise, whether to pass the testing organization inspection, whether fit system standard ( GB4706. 10 - 2008). Request, this is the basic to ensure product safety and quality. 2 function according to the industry's house, according to the system standard ( GB4706. 10 - 2008). The relevant provisions, electric chair to household appliances, not equipment, thus promoting effect. When sales personnel to exaggerated chair of preaching, should be alert. Now in the market to sell household chair functions of many, but the chair of department of our country, there is no evaluation, thus to 0 to manufacturer to promote the effectiveness of no. So when the choose and buy, consumer is still to put and quality, and not too come form shape function. When the electric chair of choose and buy, can first understand the function of the chair, and then see what function is his needs, to choose their own products. 3 the function of the electric chair is more, when the choose and buy good commissioning, look at the condition of the electric chair operations, for example, the sensitive switch gears is strong; Control electronic switch button is light; Electricity experiment to identify each shift switch function is normal; Weak control is useful; Whether each gear indicator appears corresponding; Heating parts for normal fever; Homework when the size of the noise, have without abnormal sound, etc. About the chair with a computer program control, can choose in the function of a typical test, to see the operation is normal. 4 look when what is to be after the type and specification of choose and buy, and careful observation of the exterior of the chair. Choose appearance beautiful, sophisticated workmanship, chassis structure strong solid, shell smooth lubrication, colour and lustre is uniform, plastic products and free of cracks. In addition, it remains to be seen whether the structure of the chair is convenient for maintenance, maintenance is convenient, such as add lubricating oil. Chair factory produced products have factory inspection certificate. Chose the mz household chairs, there are some items should be pay attention to in the application, such as every time don't more 30 minutes; If in the process or in the back, feeling unwell, should suspend using; , in the process, if the present oscillator motionless, smoking, or excessive noise is not normal phenomenon, should establish j turn off the switch, unplug the power plug, carefully check, fault rear can use. Next: what is the difference between household gun and Shared massaging the gun on a: household maintenance cabinet door of choose and buy of chair
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