Household massage gun use matters needing attention

by:SUNGPO     2020-12-18
Now people's standard of living to improve gradually, some young people to let their parents to get some comfort, they selected household different massage gun to exert a filial piety. But massage gun is also need to use only natural science, in case you can cause side effects. First you were worse. Now massage exact introduction under gun manufacturer's website. How to prevent the side effects caused by using home massage gun? To prevent improper difficulty. A massage, properly adjust the massage strength of household gun is indeed, but according to oneself circumstance to change the massage strength, we understand that home massage gun through the rolling of the manipulator to fitness kneading body parts. And tendons supple effect. If small fitness efforts. Impact will be likely to cause bones, if fitness efforts. Will not effect. Proposed that the elderly can choose to manually change the massage strength of household massage gun. It would be relatively easy. Second, which is not suitable for use some people use household massage gun is so as to reduce bone swelling problems. If the joint part of the body occur swelling, skin damage, done heart bolt treatment, high blood pressure, bone mild texture, and so on and so forth are not suitable for using household massage gun. Otherwise it will impact to the illness. Remind to cook the body should be according to the doctor. Have in satiety, hunger, drunken state also is not to be used under home massage guns. This need to be careful. Three, the frequency you severe common saying say too much. Using massage gun also is not so short of time, in here have to warn you, by the time you are less than 20 minutes at a time. Fitness time too long bones may be overwhelming. Use twice a day. Proposal in a nap and sleep at night after the two time points to use. So we will first explain here. Friend are forgotten? Natural science using household massage gun can avoid the side effects. Improve the health care effect. Have if in use process such as headache, dizziness, chest tightness happens. Immediately shut off the power to suspend the fitness. Next up: the five attention point of massage products of choose and buy a: what are the methods of choose and buy home massage gun?
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