Household massage gun maintenance is introduced

by:SUNGPO     2020-12-18
1, reduce the move. Why said the move is also a reduction of a maintenance for home massage gun? The reason is simple - - Some of the larger home massage gun due to the complexity of design precision, equipment, its weight and volume is big, will inevitably be in the process of moving knock against, scratch and other damage. At the same time, reduce the frequency of the move is also the internal structure of a precision massage gun. Therefore, we suggest that consumers are buying home after massage gun products will be put in place, the product could then as far as possible so as not to move, this is to protect, maintenance of household massage gun it is a key step. 2, specially. Home massage gun's main function is through for many acupuncture point massage, to provide a physical and mental pleasure massage service. Therefore, good not to home massage guns used for other purposes ( Such as a child to sleep on it or him play) And don't other items are placed in massage on the gun, is not to put heavy or sharp objects. These behaviors are likely to cause unpredictable damage to household massage gun. 3, regular cleaning. Regular cleaning is also home to massage an indispensible part of gun maintenance process. In the process of massage gun luggage, first with a soft dry cloth, massage brush or a vacuum cleaner to remove the dust on the gun and hair, stained with a little warm water to clean the massage after the gun on the surface of the skin, and many related parts and components, when compare the stubborn stains, it is recommended to use a neutral detergent remove stains and then clean with clear water, then use dry cloth to massage, lest leave stains or cause corrosion. 4, the place environment. Yangjiang massage gun manufacturer to remind you: home massage gun placed in humid environment or sun exposure of avoid by all means, should be placed in dry, ventilated, avoid direct sunlight inside the bedroom, massage to prevent oxidation, increase the service life of the household massage gun gun. Next: what's the use of massage gun to the body? A: massage gun handy?
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