Household massage gun is useful? What are the precautions for massage gun used?

by:SUNGPO     2020-12-18
For now, most people are quickly to boost the economy, some people now how to do things very clear, so the procedure is not so complicated as he used to, so a lot of people often enjoy life, in general, it is not difficult to enjoy the life, can massage with massage gun to solve, but sometimes hurt people massage gun, so the family massage gun is useful? What are the precautions for massage gun used? ? Home massage gun practical utility, massage a gun is to use electricity, rely on machinery, air bags, electromagnetic, electric heating, and other functions to massage the body seat. 。 It can imitate artificial massage technique, massage neck, back, waist and other parts of the body of kneading, shiatsu, tapping massage way, etc. 1, the rationality of the function of gun is duty-bound relax the whole body massage, to find a function all aspects of all feel comfortable massage gun is particularly important. Different models of different brands of massage guns were focused on the function, also how many functional characteristics in except as top priority 'fine in place'. 2, whether the operating system USES the convenience of massage gun can convenient also because we learn in the daily life requires consideration. Lots of people are put in the home, the old man will use your company in the home, can massage gun own development multivariate function best advantage is very important key. 3, after-sales service guarantee massage gun is durable goods again, use the same time and years of sofa, even use high quality massage guns in the home, so I want to choose brands to provide professional service ability. Mr. Wah insist on two years warranty, free door-to-door delivery, door-to-door maintenance free, fast logistics service. Massage gun use what matters need to pay attention to safety, massage 1 gun for 15 ~ 20 minutes at a time. 。 Every time after getting up and before going to bed is good, but also the reference for its own constitution, and the characteristics of the product, the market at a low price as far as possible not to buy, because there are not safety factor. 。 2, waiting for you to sit tight to open massage gun. After using the massager, completely reset until after the leave. Massage gun reset before please don't stand in the foot rack, in order to avoid damage to the feet and related parts. 3, in the use of massage gun to efforts to pay attention to process. The number of from less to more, from the strength of the light weight gradually, intensity should be appropriate. 4, in the process of using massager appliances, let the students make their own body to relax, to keep a good mood and state. 5, for continuous massage, need to shut down for 10 to 15 minutes, let the motor cooling, then enable. In order to prolong its service life. The main research content is described for the Chinese household massage practical gun? Massage gun use need to notice what are the specific circumstances, massage gun used in family life and some other parts of the massage gun difference, nothing is too big, of course, if the gap between the price level, the overall teaching effect will be different, but if it is just a detail management is also different, high practicability, actually is a single on the harms and benefits, you have to carefully consider it.
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