Household massage gun how to choose and buy?

by:SUNGPO     2020-12-18
How to choose the home massage gun? We should pay attention to? Below we home massage gun manufacturers to introduce to you. First of all, massage the gun core is very important. It is the core of the massage gun. Most of massage guns are on the market is a 3 d action, make massage, reached up and down before and after the 3 d massage. It is important to note that some price lower gun use 3 d massage massage action, but these massage action is mostly plastic action, this is not the real 3 d massage action. Real 3 d massage movement using metal materials, the cost is higher. This is why brand massage gun is more expensive. Massage head material generally is silicone, not rubber, because the silicone massage head has good elasticity. Service life is longer, softness is close to human. Guide: early massage gun adopts linear guide, massage can also schedule and is not suitable for human body back, massage gun guide has been improved now upgraded to S type, can be well fitting curve of the back, massage also got great extend. Low noise: now many massage a gun. Small massage gun using the noise is very large. Brand massage gun been mute test before delivery, to be more careful when buying. Want to know other information please go to the next article: how to choose in the face of all kinds of massage gun? In an article: how to clean and maintain massage gun?
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