Massage gun brand:

by:SUNGPO     2020-08-31

Long before massage gun launch, has been in Europe and the United States of rehabilitation of seasoning product market a few years, accumulated a certain amount of experience. Back to the Chinese market in 2017, with a cooperation with the domestic competition, China air Jordan Su Bing recommended the use of more brand reputation rapidly ascend. Is a Taiwan enterprise, in 2018 became the massage gun sales champion, its factory in dongguan, before product quality control is good, but because of increased sales lead to capacity is insufficient, replaced by zhejiang contract, plus the competitive relationship, a price drop down again, massage gun quality declines linearly. And massage gun because of the appearance of the ancestors of patent in court. But have to say, to promote the development of domestic massage gun and its boss, is also a promising young after 90, it is said that in 2018 made tens of millions, or silent a praise! To return to the product, product line is very rich, can according to below 500 yuan, 500 - roughly 1000 yuan, 1000 yuan of above is divided into three grades, item number as many as nine, covers the low-end market. The first leg below 500 yuan was sold at a high cost performance, products are T, lite, lite version and booster1 youth generation. 500 - the second leg 1000 yuan and improve work performance. The third party yes flagship product Pro professional series of 1000 yuan of above. Yes a killer to the first leg product, clear price advantage make it under one thousand yuan for larger market share. If the budget is in 500 yuan the following, the price is 329 - RMB 429 T is a cost-effective choice. I yuan price of massage and evil people mixed up the gun, mostly in the form of imitation, domestically produced a less known and inferior brand of T is the only big choice. Recommended models: T, Pro2, Pro3 reprint please indicate the: massage massage gun gun guide brand: 4)                                

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